Affordable Accommodations in Exotic Locations

How do you spend your travel dollars? Do you pay big bucks flying off to exotic destinations and compensate by staying in budget hotels? Or do you try to find the cheapest means of travel and loosen your budget purse strings to pay for ultra-luxe accommodations? If you play your cards right in the days leading up to the busy summer travel season you could save on both. A number of airlines are offering great travel deals to exotic locations while hoteliers are aiding budget conscious jetsetters by providing package deals. Take a look: INDONESIA Bali’s Desa Seni opened less … Continue reading

Tax Refund Travel Packages

I don’t know about you but my tax refund has been put to use paying for water, heat, and electricity for my home and fuel for my car. I know… glamorous it’s not and so much for taking advantage of the all those fabulous travel deals tour operators are offering right now. You know the ones that guarantee once-in-a-lifetime memories to far off lands… that cost half your tax refund. In all honesty some of those travel packages are real bargains and quite enticing regardless of how much you got back from Uncle Sam. If you still have a few … Continue reading

More Exotic Budget Hotels

In my previous blog I asked how much is too much to spend on a hotel room. Depending on where you are staying I would guess most travelers would be willing to drop about $150 for a decent room in a safe location. Which is why you might be surprised to learn that some of the world’s most exotic vacation spots offer incredible savings on hotel rooms. Take a look at the following cost saving accommodations. They might just have you considering a spring fling to the tropics. INDONESIA For just $150 per room per night you can enjoy a … Continue reading

Adventures By Disney: Peru

You’ll arrive at the Lima International Airport late on day one. Once you exit customs, you’ll be met by an Adventures by Disney representative who will escort you to your vehicle. The driver will assist with your luggage and then take you to the Casa Andina Private Collection Hotel in Lima. There your Adventure Guides will check you in to your room. On day two, you’ll take a one-hour flight to Cusco to begin your journey to the Sacred Valley. After the short flight, a motor coach will take you to the Center for Traditional Textiles for a lunch of … Continue reading

Pet Cemeteries Found In Peru

The concept of pets as beloved family members is not a new idea. Long before the Incan Empire ruled Peru, a group of people called the Chiribaya thanked and recognized their dogs as both working members of society and valued family members. Since 1993, archaeologists and researchers in Peru have uncovered more than eighty dog tombs in pet cemeteries and human cemeteries created by the Chiribaya. Dog tombs were often placed between human tombs, and the four-legged friends were often buried with blankets and treats. Anthropologists are careful to point out that these dogs and puppies were not sacrifices; they … Continue reading