Scrapbooking With Picasa

Have you seen Google’s new software? Well, alright so it really isn’t that new, but it is free and it is downloadable and it is certainly worth mentioning! Plus it’s brought to you by Google, which means it has to be good! What is it called? It’s called Picasa. Picasa is a fabulous free program that allows you to sort, search, categorize and label all of your photos. In addition Picasa helps you find, edit and share all the picture on your PC. After installation, Picasa will instantly begin searching where you tell it to search for all of the … Continue reading

Resizing Photos for Online Use

I’m spending most of today resizing some photos for upload to a photo-sharing site. Just thought I’d pass some resizing tips on to the rest of you. If you need to resize a bunch of photos, make sure they are all going the same direction. In other words, put all your horizontal photos into one folder, and all your vertical photos in another. That way, when you resize everything, they won’t end up being all distorted. So, how do you go about resizing photos? If you use Photoshop Elements, or Photoshop, look under the file menu for “automate > batch…” … Continue reading