Independent Films of 1997

My movie viewing life as I knew it changed forever in 1994. That year, I fell in love with the movie Forrest Gump. I saw it at the theater two nights in a row and was rooting for it to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards. I had been a Tom Hanks fan since he donned a wig in “Bosom Buddies.” And to this day, I remain a Tom Hanks fan. I was elated when Forrest Gump won Best Picture. Then, about six months later, I realized I was wrong. I was on a business trip with a co-worker. … Continue reading

10 Fast Facts about My Super Ex-Girlfriend’s Uma Thurman

10. Uma Thurman is no stranger to playing superheroes. After all, her Beatrix Kiddo character in Kill Bill 1 and 2 was definitely of superhero caliber. In her new movie, Uma’s character Jenny meets Matt (Luke Wilson) and they fall in love. The fun starts when Matt breaks up with Jenny and her alter-ego superhero character G-Girl takes over. 9. Uma’s breakthrough role was in 1988’s Dangerous Liasons. But, it was her role as Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction that won her her only Academy Award nomination, for Best Supporting Actress. 8. In 1997, Uma starred in Gattaca. On that … Continue reading