Schools Taking a Bite Out of Lunchtime

Ask kids what their favorite part of the school day is and I’ll bet anything that the majority will answer: “LUNCH!” Unfortunately for those students, bad news may be on the horizon. According to reports, several school districts around the country are trimming lunch and recess and devoting the extra minutes to classroom time. The reason: Lunch is bad for kids. Not the nutritional part of it; rather experts say the whole experience of cafeteria dining is chaotic, stressful, unappetizing and akin to feeding time at the zoo. Educators who support reducing lunch periods maintain that with younger kids lunchtime … Continue reading

Introducing the Basic Grey Recess Line

The new Basic Grey Recess line is the perfect addition to your supply stash. It is made specifically for school pages, but so much of their great products can stretch beyond just a simple theme. Always on the cutting edge with scrapbook items, Basic Grey has really done a great job with this new school line. Let’s take a look. If you have not already seen this line, you are in for some fun and festive eye candy. As usually Basic Grey has made this line bigger and better than its last. The 12×12 Recess paper is available as a … Continue reading

Homeschooling Days: Recess

Please, please, please tell me that you regularly, daily encourage your kids to go outside and just play. If I have a pet peeve with the home schooling community this is it. I have met parent upon parent who seems to be convinced that physical education, is secondary to the “real academics.” Going outside and letting the kids just play, after all, may take up time from the curriculum. Almost as bad, are the parents who think that little league or soccer practice once a week is sufficient to meet the need of getting enough exercise and free play. If … Continue reading

Your Kids & Exercise

As I was telling you earlier, today is the first day of school in my area and it seemed like a great time to revisit the fact that kid’s need exercise. It’s important to remember that while we think of exercise as walking on the treadmill or lifting weights, exercise for our kids happens during soccer practice, gym class, playing at recess and riding their bikes around the park. The Benefits of Exercise: Kids who are active (exercise): Have stronger muscles have strong bones have leaner bodies is far less likely to be overweight will sleep better will cope better … Continue reading

The Debate about Recess

A school in Washington, D.C. is standing up for their rights to continue recess for their elementary students. It is a fact that U.S. schools focus on getting the highest test scores and teaching to the standardized testing; but what about the free time children need called recess. Teachers, parents, and students have written letters to the government explaining their stance about taking away recess in the elementary schools. When I first taught elementary school in Fair Lawn, NJ, to my surprise my third grade class, 8-year olds, did not have recess! I incorporated a 20 minute break each day … Continue reading