Disney Printables

My husband and I have been living in our house for seven months now and I have yet to hang up any of our decorations. I admit that laziness is a contributing factor, but a main reason why I haven’t done so is that I’m not very good at anything crafty, decorations included. It’s hard for me to look at a blank wall and know what should go where, so I have the same problems scrap booking, designing room layouts, or even decorating cookies. That’s probably why I never noticed just how many cool craft features Disney has on its … Continue reading

Character Dining at Disneyland

When I was a child I was terrified of costumed characters. For some reason Halloween didn’t bother me, but I didn’t want to go near Santa Claus’ lap at the mall, to my parents’ relief (it saved them the long line wait). What frightened me the most, however, were costumed characters at amusement parks. One of my earliest memories is running in fear from the parade at Sesame Place when I was only about three. Trips to Hershey Park had me breaking out into a nervous sweat should one of the giant anthropomorphic candy bars wander near me. On second … Continue reading

Disney Youth Programs

Your kids could learn physics from a roller coaster Three times now I’ve written about special events offered by Disney World under the Disney Youth Programs division: Grad Nite/Senior Class Trip, STEP Classic, and Festival Disney. So what is Disney Youth Programs itself? Its official website doesn’t have an “about” section, but perhaps that’s because the name of the department is rather self-explanatory. Disney Youth Programs is the banner under which the Disney Parks offer a multitude of deals, discounts, and opportunities for youth groups and organizations. Youth Programs falls under four main categories: Performing Arts, Education, Celebrations, and Field … Continue reading

Finding the Right Fit

It’s one thing to purchase a digital camera with the intention of simply documenting your family’s Kodak moments, but it’s quite another when you are trying to make a living by selling your shots. My grandfather was a professional photographer. His portrait studio was located in Hilo, Hawaii, and for years he was able to turn his passion for photography into a healthy profit. However, it took him years to find his niche and make a living by taking pictures. If you are looking to make a career by taking pictures, you need to have some business savvy, as well … Continue reading

More Television Equals Shorter Life

Oh, this was a health study I hated to read about. A study in the most recent issue of the Journal of the America College of Cardiology says that “prolonged sitting” such as in front of the television and computer is bad for your health. The study was conducted by Emmanuel Stamatakis, a Ph.D. epidemiologist at University College London, and his colleagues. The study followed 4,500 Scottish people who were 35 and older and recorded their television time, computer time, and other health behaviors. More than half of those in the study admitted to watching television or sitting at the … Continue reading

New Imagination Movers Album Out Tomorrow

All fans, or parents of fans, of Playhouse Disney’s bouncy Imagination Movers music quartet have reason for excitement this week, as a new CD from the band hits shelves tomorrow. Meanwhile, The Imagination Movers themselves resume filming their hit series in New Orleans this month. Stitch Kingdom reports that the band’s new CD, released on June 8, features 18 original songs from the second season of Imagination Movers. It also has some details of the third season of the show, which sees the Movers explore beyond the Idea Warehouse and meet up with even more surprise guest stars. I didn’t … Continue reading

Role Models of Another Gender

As a single parent with an absent non-custodial father, I always worried about my daughter having a strong male role model in her life. I did all I could by being the best mom I could be. I worked so I could provide her with shelter, food, clothes, and an over-abundance of toys. I made it a point of doing special mom and daughter things, such as painting our nails, going to a movie, shopping, etc. But there was one thing I could not do: teach her how to have a relationship with a man. I am not talking romantic … Continue reading

Now I’m Scared

As a parent, what scares you more? A. Having your child flunk out of school B. Having your child imprisoned for criminal behavior C. Having your child get sucked into a life of drug use D. Having your child get regular bikini waxes to please her boyfriend Up until a few days ago some of my greatest nightmares involved A, B, and C. Then, I received the following comment on a blog entitled: “Would You Allow Your Teen Daughter to Get a Bikini Wax?” and I was forced to add “D” to my list: “From a teens point of view, … Continue reading

A Friend and Foe at Church

I remember sitting in Relief Society one of my first weeks in my ward and spying one of the most beautiful children ever. Really, they’re a family of beautiful children, but my baby-loving eyes rested on the youngest of this tow-headed family. She had impressively white hair and the most beautiful big brown eyes, which stood out on her clear little face. I was sitting next to her mom that day, so I started making silly faces and trying to win her affection. It kind of worked, to her mom’s surprise. Of course, that won me over completely. This little … Continue reading

Earth Day 2010

Earth Day is rapidly approaching. It is the 40th anniversary and you may be wondering “What can I do?” This could be an excellent way to kick off the start of living a greener life. Here are a few tips that will help you make a difference on April 22 and every other day of your life: 1. Replace all your old light bulbs with LED or CFL light bulbs. 2. Carry reusable bags to the grocery store rather than using paper or plastic. 3. Buy locally grown produce whenever possible. 4. Lower the thermostat. 5. Turn off lights and … Continue reading