What If We All Showed Love for God and Neighbor?

Another question that was posed in our relief society lesson on Sunday that really stuck with me was, “What would the world be like if everyone showed love for God and Neighbor?” One mom raised her hand and said something along the lines of, “I would not live in fear anymore. I wouldn’t be scared to drop my kids off at school everyday. There would be no fear.” As I sat there thinking about that, I couldn’t help but think, “What would MY life be like without fear?” It was an interesting thought. As a parent, we can’t help but … Continue reading

The First Great Commandment

In the October 2012 general conference, Elder Holland gave a great talk titled, “The First Great Commandment.” That was the talk we discussed in Relief Society this past week. It was a great reminder that we can all be doing more to love God. What really impacted me was the following interpretation by Elder Holland regarding Peter’s exchange with the Lord, who asked him three times, “Lovest Thou Me?” When Peter responded in the affirmative the third time, Elder Holland says, “To which Jesus responded (and here again I acknowledge my nonscriptural elaboration), perhaps saying something like: “Then Peter, why … Continue reading

Setting Spiritual Goals for 2013

I’m not usually one to set New Year’s resolutions. I don’t ever do it. It’s not that I don’t have goals or aspirations, but I just don’t feel the need to do that at the beginning of each new year. However, this year, I have been thinking a lot about spiritual resolutions and goals. We all make them don’t we? We all say, “I’m going to pray more.” Or, “I am going to read my scriptures everyday”, etc. If you are anything like me, you feel like there is always something you can do better when it comes to your … Continue reading

Things I Love About Visiting Teaching

Visiting teaching is such a blessing in so many different ways. Although it can be difficult to set up the appointments or to schedule a time to receive your visits, there are so many benefits when you do make the time. Here are my five favorite aspects of visiting teaching. First I love the friendships that happen as a result of visiting teaching. I have made friends with those who visit me, and the sisters that I visit. The great thing about this is that often I would not reach out to these sisters on my own, because they are … Continue reading

Relief Society: BYU’s Women’s Conference

Every year at the beginning of May BYU puts on a Women’s Conference. It is a short two-day conference that takes place on campus. This year the conference is April 20 and May 1, 2009. Additionally there are service projects that you can participate in while you attend the conference. This year the projects will be set up in rooms where you can also watch different class presentations while you serve. This conference has many presentations that focus on living the gospel and helping your family. The presentations are always uplifting and may offer spiritual insight into doctrine or they … Continue reading

Relief Society: Dealing With the Bad Days

Have you ever had one of those days when you wanted to lock yourself in a room and just have everyone leave you alone? Or maybe you just wanted to get out and leave the kids behind. It is important to take time as mothers to rejuvenate. A lot of times women in the church feel a pressure to feel perfect or they may feel guilty when they feel the need to be alone or to spend time taking care of themselves. It can be difficult to balance your needs with the needs of your family. There is a lot … Continue reading

Relief Society: Including Everyone

Relief Society is an organization with many intents and purposes, and one of those is help the sisters in the ward to find fellowship and support. However there are times and individuals who have a difficult time finding the fellowship and support in Relief Society. There may be a variety of reasons for this, but everyone should be working together to help each other feel supported. One reason that sisters may not feel supported or fellowship is because they feel isolated and left out when they attend Relief Society. I personally have struggled with this in Relief Society. When I … Continue reading

Relief Society: Cutting Back on Handouts

Handouts seem to be a staple of many Relief Societies. There are handouts to announce activities, handouts on the lesson topics, and handouts to help you reach your goals or to remind you to visit teach. These handouts may seem like a good idea, but when you come home with so many different handouts they are less effective then they should be. If you are using handouts to make your announcements or for Enrichment activities, consider switching to email announcements instead. You would still need to create a smaller number of handouts for the sisters who do not have an … Continue reading

Relief Society: Take Care of Yourself

Women almost always put everything before taking care of themselves. It is important to find time to nourish yourself so that you have the energy and love to care for others. It is important to find a balance in your life between caring for yourself, and meeting your other responsibilities. You should take care of yourself spiritually, physically, and emotionally. One important area to care for yourself is spiritually. It is important to nourish your testimony and your relationship with Heavenly Father on a daily basis. Even fifteen minutes of scripture study and daily personal prayer can make a big … Continue reading

Relief Society: Supporting the Enrichment Committee

Tonight was our quarterly Enrichment meeting. It was a lot of fun, with a great Polar Express theme. We had tickets, boarded a train in the gym, and received candy. There was even a conductor that shepherded us to the various stops along the way. As I was at the activity enjoying the company of the sisters of the ward, I realized how much goes into the preparation of each of these activities. I used to serve on the Enrichment committee, and there really is a lot of work that goes into each activity. There is planning, setting up, cleaning … Continue reading