Remembering Cher Ami and Other Veteran Carrier Pigeons

When Wayne and I took a trip to Washington, D.C. last year, I was blown away. I’d never been there before and didn’t really know what to expect. I sure wasn’t expecting to become so smitten with the place. It captured my heart and still has yet to let go. (I’m thinking it probably never will. I absolutely loved my visit there.) The museums were all incredible. And something I thought was really neat was how I found a story about an animal detailed in almost all of them. Animals Make Up Our History, Too Like when we were in … Continue reading

Adrianna’s Odyssey

Of all the required reading I was assigned in high school English, one classic in particular endures to this day among my all time favorite stories: Homer’s The Odyssey. I got to thinking about it when I was trying to come up with something to write in the Marriage Blog in honor of Veteran’s Day. Adrianna and Gordon It all started last week when Jade sent me the link to an article from the New York Times by Michael Winerip titled “Parenting/The Home Front: For Young Newlyweds, a Life Deferred by War.” It was about a girl named Adrianna (17) … Continue reading

Memorial Day Scrapbooking

Memorial day celebrations are plenty. With parades, commemoration ceremonies, flag ceremonies and barbecues, there are many things to take photographs of. Honoring the men and women who lay their lives on the line for us, is an important part of being an American. This day is special in so many ways. When you sit down to create a layout for Memorial day, it is great to include all the photographs from the different events that you attended or celebrated. However, there is much more you can do to make your layouts reflect the true meaning of the day. Perhaps when … Continue reading

Home Week in Review: November 12 – 18

This has been a week filled with various holiday articles from Veterans Day to Thanksgiving, and even touching on Christmas. This is a busy time of year, so we hope some of our tips and ideas will help make things a little less hectic. We started the Countdown to Thanksgiving at Seven Days and Counting. More tips were added with Six More Days and again at Five Days Away and now we’re left with only Four Days to Go. Mary Ann offered a different type of checklist, with 12 Things to Do in November. Several of this week’s articles had … Continue reading

Veterans Day

Did you know that Veteran’s Day began as a way to honor World War I Veterans? The end of the war, the signing of the armistice (which is why it was originally called Armistice Day) occurred at the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month. That is why officially Veterans Day is always on November 11th, although it’s celebrated on a weekday if it falls on the weekend, because it is a “day off” holiday (like today) for many. Veterans Day has come to be a tribute of all Vets, not just those from the first World … Continue reading

Washington in November

Did you know that it takes roughly 65 hours to recite aloud the 58,000-plus names inscribed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington? Don’t believe me? Then head out to Washington this week and time it yourself. You’ll get the chance as 2,000 volunteers take turns reading the names of the fallen military heroes in a Veterans Day tribute. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the black-granite wall men and women from across the United States will gather in front of the memorial and take turns reading aloud the names etched in stone at one of the nation’s most visited … Continue reading

Books for Pearl Harbor Day

Today is December 7th, the day we commemorate the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese which marked the beginning of the U.S. war in the Pacific. We were already at war in Europe, and suddenly we found ourselves fighting on two fronts, torn in two directions, sending our soldiers all around the world in pursuit of the cause of freedom. Along those lines I would like to recommend some books that take us from the beginning to end of the war in the Pacific. 1. “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo” by Ted W. Lawson. In March of 1946, four months … Continue reading

An Unexpected Veteran’s Day Gift

Hundreds of military service women—planning their upcoming weddings–got an unexpected surprise on Veteran’s Day. A formalwear store in Pennsylvania gave away 120 new wedding gowns to women in the armed forces, veterans, or who are engaged to past or present servicemen–other bridal wear shops throughout the country also ran similar wedding dress giveaways. The man behind the free wedding gown giveaway in Pennsylvania is Pete Scolieri. He and his wife own a formalwear shop in Pittsburgh and said they came up with the idea to show support for the troops. “I don’t care if you’re a Republican, a Democrat, an … Continue reading

Military: Review of Week ending November 11

This week ends on the official day we celebrate our Veterans. Many people will also celebrate Monday the 13th, because that’s the day they will have off. Here is a rundown of other topics covered here this week. Since there aren’t a lot of articles this week, one from the last week is also included: John Kerry’s “Joke” No Laughing Matter? The first article was on November 2, following a controversial speech given by John Kerry. Everyone has an opinion on the “botched joke” issued by Kerry. At the end of the article, and in the comments section, you’ll find … Continue reading

Kids’ Crafts: Week in Review November 5 – 11

Here’s your weekly rundown of what we covered in Kids’ Crafts starting with November 11th (officially Veterans Day), and working our way back to the beginning of the week. How to Get Involved for Veteran’s Day Here we talked a little about what Veterans Day means and some ways people can actively get involved in honoring our heroes, from going to parades, to visiting Veterans, sending cards and making pictures, or donating time or money to a Veterans organization. For those that want to do something at home, I suggested displaying your flag and working on some patriotic projects (listed). … Continue reading