Is Scrapbooking Dying Out?

When you’re in the industry as long as I have been, you tend to see different trends come and go, different products reach their height and then die out, and meet people who are scrapaholics and then simply drop scrapbooking all together. I was surprised to see a discussion on a message board which posed the question on whether the whole trend of scrapbooking was dying out. What I have to say to that, is simply no. Whatever the evidence in question is or was, scrapbooking is here to stay. And now with the introduction of digital scrapbooking, it opened … Continue reading

Digital Scrapbooking Basic Supplies

Digital scrapbooking is a bit different than traditional scrapbooking in that you can obtain all the cute papers, embellishments and other items for a lot less than regular scrapbooking supplies. The reason of course, is because they are digitally obtained. But even with the lower cost of supplies, there are still some things you need to scrapbook digitally. Digital Photographs These do not have to be taken with a digital camera although that is the most practical way. If you have a regular non-digital camera, you can use your scanner to scan the photographs onto your computer. There, you now … Continue reading

Can You Offer More Customized Products and Services?

I think that one of the great things about a small business is that operations, services, and products CAN be more customized and personal. Many of us try to make our small businesses into “mini” corporations and keep things as standardized as possible. But, we might be missing out on a way to really make our business practices stand out amongst the competition. It might just be that personalized service or special adjustments to products and deliveries that make our home businesses shine. Now, like anything, we can get so carried away with special orders and customizing our services that … Continue reading

Introducing the Basic Grey Recess Line

The new Basic Grey Recess line is the perfect addition to your supply stash. It is made specifically for school pages, but so much of their great products can stretch beyond just a simple theme. Always on the cutting edge with scrapbook items, Basic Grey has really done a great job with this new school line. Let’s take a look. If you have not already seen this line, you are in for some fun and festive eye candy. As usually Basic Grey has made this line bigger and better than its last. The 12×12 Recess paper is available as a … Continue reading

Great Back to School Scrapbooking Product Lines

Going back to school usually brings plenty of opportunities for pictures as well as much more needed time for scrapbooking. There are so many photo opportunities throughout the school year, and finding the supplies you need can be hard if you don’t know what lines to choose from. I thought I would take some time to provide you with some cool new supplies for your school year photos. Tim Coffey has some fabulous school days products. Everything from albums, to papers and every kind of embellishment you could dream of, there is something for every scrapbook page or layout. The … Continue reading

Do You Need a New Product or Service…Or Just New Customers?

It can be tempting when things start to slow down in your business to think that your customers or market is losing interest in your product or service. In our attempt to keep our business efforts growing, we might be tempted to abandon our product or try to keep adding products and services to what we offer. However, it might not be new products that we need, but simply to expand our marketing of prospects and reach new customers. If you have taken the time to create a mission for your business and already have a marketing plan, you may … Continue reading

Launching A New Product or Service

So, your business is humming along nicely and you have established a good client or customer base and you are feeling confident in the products or services you offer—so confident, in fact, that you are ready to try something new and introduce an entirely new product or line or service as part of your home business. Well, there is a big leap between “wanting” to do something and actually getting to the successful launching—so how do you get from wanting to doing? It really all comes down to planning. The more organized and detailed your plan for launching something new … Continue reading

Household Product Recalls

There are so many innovative household products available today, that homeowners could purchase a never-ending supply. Each day, new and exciting technology, gadgets, and other implements are invented and marketed to homeowners. Probably the most popular are those intended to make life easier in some way. I have a dust pan that lies flat on the floor and features a long handle, so you don’t have to bend over to collect debris after sweeping. What a great idea! It’s convenient and affordable, and a perfect example of a household product that sells because its simple. However, not all products are … Continue reading

Amazon’s Having a Big Sale

Hey, are there some fitness DVDs that you’ve always wanted to pick up, but you’re on a frugal budget? If you are, now’s the time to head over to Amazon, they’ve got a bunch of fitness dvds and more available in their huge blowout sale. The Fitness Blowout Sale on Amazon is not necessarily an annual event, but it’s got a number of different So what can you find at this great blowout sale? Well, let’s start with the following: Denise Austin’s Personal Training System (2004) – Take advantage of Denise Austin’s fit and fun personality in this interactive DVD … Continue reading

Why Use a Kit?

Many scrapbookers are looking for faster and more creative ways to scrapbook. I suggest that using a pre-made scrapbooking kit can save you a lot of time and even some money. How does a kit save you time? Less time spent shopping. If you choose to scrapbook with a kit, usually everything you need is included. The contents of kits will vary, but most kits contain patterned paper, cardstock, ribbon, and fun embellishments. You won’t have to waste your time wandering through the aisles are your scrapbook store trying to find things that coordinate if you pick up a kit. … Continue reading