Goofy’s Sky School

Remember those silly Goofy shorts? At first glance that sentence seems redundant, but anyone reading a Disney blog knows exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve spoken of them before; even though I’m a handful of generations out from the 1940s and 50s, the years of greatest Goofy short prevalence, even I encountered one or two in my life, and not just for fun. The last Goofy short I remember from growing up was in my high school Driver’s Education class. We watched a grainy film, clearly made decades before, of Goofy learning how to drive and causing several accidents along … Continue reading

Summer Travel: Calling All Thrill Seekers

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kick off to summer. June 1st is considered the meteorological start of summer. But those of you with school age children know summer really begins on the last day of school (around here that’s June 6th). Just as there are different interpretations as to when summer officially begins, families consist of members who have differing opinions as to what the perfect summer vacation entails. That said, today I am beginning a series of blogs, which cater to the individual interests each family member may have and how each can be satisfied on a group … Continue reading

All About Me: Amusement Parks

Everyone loves amusement parks. Sometimes it’s the rides, sometimes it’s just the smiles on the children’s faces that make some people happy, and for some still, it’s the fun amusement park cuisine! When was the last time you visited an amusement park, carnival or fair? When you step onto the grounds of an amusement park, you are often taken back to a time when life seemed simpler, and everything was fun. Riding the rides, seeing all the cartoon characters walking around, standing in lines with other anxious riders, eating cotton candy or sipping a iced lemonade. All these things are … Continue reading

Six Flags Great America

How old were you when you visited an amusement park for the first time? How old were your children the first time you took them to an amusement park? I am contemplating taking my toddler daughter to a major amusement park near our home, but fear she may be a little too young to take advantage of everything the park has to offer. Six Flags Great America is located in Gurnee, Illinois. Right on the Wisconsin-Illinois border. My husband and I used to make the trip annually (in our pre-baby days). I have a problem with my equilibrium so I … Continue reading