My Mother’s Day

Some very good friends of mine did a VERY cute thing for me yesterday in honor of Mother’s Day. They went shopping on behalf of my fur-babies, Moose and Lally. My dogs (and my friends) know me well. I got two types of chocolate candy and some cocoa powder for when I make smoothies. (Cocoa powder plus mixed berries equals delicious smoothie!) But my favorite part was the card. The envelope reads “For Momma, From Moose.” Underneath that, it says “It’s really from ME! Lally.” The card inside features a brown dog (like my shepherd mix Moose) and a yellow … Continue reading

Home Week in Review: July 30 – August 5

Last week it finally dawned on me that summer vacation is almost over. I headed out to begin stocking up on school supplies and found some great sales. Finding such excellent deals on so many items persuaded me that this was a Good Time to Buy Supplies for the Home Office. Julie Gentry commented on that article and offered another tip, stating: “We also use this time to stock up on supplies to send overseas through” What a terrific idea! *Click here to learn more about AnySoldier. Next, on the list was Building a Deck. We are planning to … Continue reading

The Rabbits ate My Roses!

I received a rosebush for Mother’s Day. The roses are long-stemmed “rainbow sorbet,” which is a golden color tinged with deep, pink tips. They are very full roses with a delicate fragrance and I love them. My rosebush has been doing very well since almost immediately after we planted it. I’ve had several roses bloom at different intervals. I noticed that there hadn’t been any for a while and assumed my rosebush might be done for the season. Then, I noted new buds once again. As I was looking at them, I noticed chewed up ones. I don’t know why … Continue reading

Tour A Rose Garden

In my previous blog: “Family Travel: Time To Stop and Smell The Roses” I tried to encourage you to get out and discover the fragrant blossoms blooming at your local botanical garden. My family took advantage of the wonderful spring-like temperatures on Mother’s Day to take a tour of our local gardens and I just got the pictures I took there back today. I am happy to report that the shots of my daughter next to the roses came out beautifully. Which is why I am anxious for you to get out and explore your local rose garden–even if it … Continue reading

Family Travel: Time To Stop and Smell The Roses

We spent a marvelous Mother’s Day touring our local botanical garden (mom’s got in free) and I’m not sure who had a better time the moms or the kids? When my 3-year-old daughter wasn’t trying to see which was taller—her or the tulips—she was sticking her face into every blossom and bush making sucking noises with her mouth. After a while she worked through her nose-mouth issues and declared everything smelled: “Bee-you-tah-ful!” I plan to take her back to the gardens in a few weeks when the roses will be in full bloom. After all, June is known as the … Continue reading

The Lottery Rose – Irene Hunt

Irene Hunt is one of my favorite young adult historical fiction authors, and I looked forward to starting “The Lottery Rose.” It was completely different from what I expected, but I can honestly say it is one of the most impacting books I’ve ever read, and certainly the best so far this year. Georgie Burgess is a seven-year-old boy who is being severely abused by his mother’s boyfriend, with his mother’s full knowledge and sometimes cooperation. She’s an alcoholic who depends on her boyfriend for whiskey, and neither of them care much to have Georgie around. His physical abuse partially … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope everybody has a good day today. Whether you have long been married, are newlyweds, are dating, or even if you’re single; whether you have a terrific relationship or one that isn’t much to brag about, or are not currently involved with anyone, you can make today a great day. Even if your partner isn’t the perfect Valentine, or you don’t have a Valentine at all, today can be a day to treat yourself and to make the day special for others who might not being feeling the love. You’ll be surprised how good it will make you feel … Continue reading

Wedding Favors: Sealed with a Kiss

If you are looking for wedding favors that you can make yourself, here’s one idea that you might like. It doesn’t cost much and it’s simple to make, but it turns out pretty. Items Needed: Plastic champagne glasses (bowl shaped, not fluted) Artificial white roses or flower/color of your choice (must fit inside the glasses) Glue (any glue that will dry clear) Pearl or other jeweled seed beads Curling ribbon (pearlescent or silver) Hershey’s Kisses Instructions: 1. Start by adding tiny dots of glue to the outside bowl, stem, and foot of the glass randomly and attaching beads. Allow to … Continue reading

Top Five Ways To Protect Your Roses From The Summer Heat

I don’t need to tell you how hot it is here in the Midwest. I’m sure you are sweating it out in your own neck of the woods. For residents in the United States and Europe, Mother Nature has made this summer one for the record books. Few have been spared from the ongoing oppressive heat wave that has blanketed hundreds of cities. The hot days and humid nights have undoubtedly taken their toll on you, your children, your pets and your yard. And, what it has done to delicate flowers, well, words like “singe,” “bake,” and “broil,” fail to … Continue reading

Combating the Black Spot

In a previous blog I shared a story about my grandfather’s award-winning roses. I also shared memories of the countless days I spent helping him cultivate his prize-winning specimens. He poured so much time and energy into creating those spectacular rose gardens, but his efforts went beyond physically tending to the fragrant flowers. He also spent hours sitting on his recliner reading books about roses. His research helped him create the right environment to maximize growth and it also taught him how to identify and combat a rose bush’s many “enemies.” One of the most common and problematic diseases facing … Continue reading