Dealing with the Friendship Stress of Middle School

To a young teen, school is life. And frankly life (school) is not always pleasant. Children can be very cruel about what they say and do. It can be also be very hard for a child to understand why they are being labeled as an outcast among their once crowd of friends. It can be even harder for the parents to deal with the child’s stress and sadness. In middle school, girls are likely to make groups and change groups often. They hold grudges and try to build themselves up by putting others down. While it is a normal part … Continue reading

Teaching Kids About Spreading Rumors

Now that school is back in session that means that many children’s social lives shift into high gear. One of the major developmental opportunities that comes from school is that children can learn how to interact with different people, make friends, resolve conflicts, and also learn how to get along in social situations. Many of those lessons (like so many of life’s lessons) are learned the hard way—through painful and bumpy experience. Learning about the perils of gossip and rumors is just one of the lessons of childhood socialization. Children need to be taught that spreading rumors is unacceptable. Spreading … Continue reading

Dispelling Scrapbooking Misconceptions

Scrapbook classes always afford me a chance to get to hear what others are doing in scrapbooking and on their layouts. However in addition, they also afford me a chance to hear about the different ways people perceive scrapbooking and how they use it in their everyday lives. Recently at a basic scrapbooking class I taught, I met an older woman who wanted to find out what scrapbooking was all about. She was taking the class just to see how it could help her with her family genealogy. I think she took a lot more away from the class than … Continue reading

Dating: Give the Benefit of the Doubt

This article is based on advice I recently gave my teenage daughter, but I think it applies equally well to adults. In fact, I try to give my girls mature advice or suggestions. There are many different situations in which this recommendation applies. In my opinion, it is generally a good idea to give people the benefit of the doubt. This is true to the degree that the person has not given you reason for distrust. In other words, if you’ve had no reason to be suspicious previously, don’t automatically start now. For example, if you hear a rumor, check … Continue reading

Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed (1999) Plus, Where to Buy Larry Boy Stuff!

Our favorite plunger-headed hero is back in this wacky animated adventure of madness and mayhem starring Larry the Cucumber. A weed has popped up in a crack in the sidewalk and starts spreading rumors about the good citizens of Bumblyberg. With a large head of yellow hair and a voice that sounds remarkably like Joan Rivers, it’s hard to ignore this weed, especially with her bright red lipstick. As people listen to the rumors she spreads, she gains power, growing larger and larger. The two gossip-mongers who do the most damage are Laura Carrot and Junior Asparagus, those two little … Continue reading

An Adoptive Mother’s Letter to Her Daughter: Part 3-Rumors and Crutches

Continued from Part 2: Scar Tissue Mommy and daddy have been trying so hard to help our Makala learn how to take care of the scars no one can see. The scars in your heart and shown by the tears you cry, and the way you act and show your feelings. When Sean was starting to get better after his accident, he wanted to make sure no one could see his scars or notice his limp. So he tried very hard to hide it. The problem was that he was on the News and when his accident happened everyone knew … Continue reading

Britney Responds To Critics

Her partying ways have been splashed on tabloid covers the world over. Her questionable behavior has been the topic of morning talk shows, entertainment-magazine shows… her headlines have even made headlines. No matter where you go it is seemingly impossible to escape Britney-capades: Britney Fed-Ex’s hubby, Britney’s new BFF Paris Hilton, Britney parties without panties (Rosie O’Donnell even offered to “adopt” her and provide her with unlimited underwear), Britney gambles with Mario, Britney hurts her chances of getting full custody of kids… and on and on. Now Britney Spears is answering back. The pop princess recently issued a response to … Continue reading

Is She Or Isn’t She?

Hollywood is a buzz with rumors that Jennifer Aniston is set to walk down the aisle with boyfriend Vince Vaughn. Celebrity magazines have splashed the news of Aniston’s engagement on their covers and radio talk show hosts have devoted entire shows to the rumored nuptials. The intense media coverage finally pushed the actress to speak out about the reports. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE Magazine Aniston sets the record straight by denying published reports that she and Vaughn are engaged. Not only did she tell the magazine that the rumor is “insane” she went on to say that “people … Continue reading

Acting Hookups

Today, I read on the web site that actress Penelope Cruz and actor Matthew McConaughey have decided to split after almost two years of dating. The two met on the set of the film Sahara. This was not too long after Cruz broke up with Tom Cruise. She and Cruise dated for almost three years after they met on the set of the film Vanilla Sky. Hookups between actors on a set are nothing new, but they have been big news recently. There was of course, the most famous of all recently hookups – that of Brad Pitt and … Continue reading