Traveling: No Support Network

I have discussed before how important a support network is; and my travels to Colorado has done nothing but reinforce my belief in that. I have known from the beginning that with out my support network has helped to keep me sane, and being some place new, with out them there with/for me, has proved that thought. So how did this trip help me grow to appreciate me support network more? When I am home, I can run to the store for whatever we need on the spur of the moment without having to drag Jonathan with me every time. … Continue reading

Book Review: Scrap Everything by Leslie Gould

Our quest for having friends, being a friend and finding our way by making contributions to others are some of the challenges that many of us deal with on a daily basis. In the new book Scrap Everything by Leslie Gould, you get to enter the lives of two women who are learning just what it means to be a true friend and learn about trusting that things will work out just as they should. The book opens with Elsie, a military wife, and her family moving to a small town. She does not want to be there, especially after … Continue reading

Why is Scrapbooking Important to You?

Why is scrapbooking important to you? Is it because you are preserving your memories for future generations? Is it your creative outlet? Is it something fun to do with your friends? Is it just fun to collect all of those wonderful supplies? Is it the feeling of satisfaction when you create a meaningful gift album for a friend? Is it something that relaxes you? Is it the way your kids look with pride at the scrapbook pages that are about them? Is it the excitement of finding just the right patterned paper for a special layout? Is it that you … Continue reading