Coupons for Tom’s of Maine, Silk, Kashi, and More

How often does your family go grocery shopping? Mine goes once a week (with occasional smaller trips to pick up things we forgot to buy). Other families go once a month and stock up on a lot of groceries at one time. No matter when you go, it’s helpful to bring some coupons with you. Here’s a few to start with from If you use all of the coupons in this particular batch you will save a little over $8.00. They are: Brawny has a coupon that will save you $1.00 when you buy any 1 Brawny 2-Giant Roll … Continue reading

Coupons for Kraft, Pampers, Oscar Mayer, and More!

Whether you love going grocery shopping, or see it as a tedious chore, there is one thing for certain – you’re going to have to do it, eventually. Bring a bunch of grocery coupons with you, and it will help cut down on your grocery bill. This time, has a batch of Kraft coupons for people who like to do their grocery shopping at Walmart. I like when coupon websites send me email that they put some creativity into. sends out email that has a picture and some clever words or phrases next to it. This time, the … Continue reading

Quick! Use Up Your December Coupons!

December just flew right by! I guess that is a side effect of being so incredibly busy for the majority of the month. Now is the time to use up your coupons that will expire at the end of December. has a batch that are still good – but not for much longer! sends me email that keeps me up to date with their new coupons. It also reminds me to use up coupons that are about to expire at the end of the month. They have taken to adding a photo, and a cute saying, to the … Continue reading

An Abundance of Flowers

Look around you in the scrapbooking idea books, galleries and magazines and you are sure to find dozens of pages laden with flowers of every type and every size. It seems that flowers have become an important and popular scrapbooking embellishment. The best part is that there are dozens of types of flowers, and plenty of materials that they are constructed from. From the every popular paper flowers, to silk flowers, to chipboard and card stock. Even acrylic and metal flowers are available everywhere. Even eyelets and brads come in flower shapes now. I walked into a large chain scrapbook … Continue reading

Organic and Soy Milk Deals at Amazon

When we were kids, we went through milk like crazy. I remember my uncle having to go down in the morning to the dairy and again in the evening again because we’d already downed the two gallons from the morning. Of course, we had many, many children at home drinking it, and the milk was fresh from the local farms. It tasted much different then than the ultra-pasteurized and stored in plastic stuff that’s available in today’s grocery stores. We moved to Japan a few years ago and the only thing available that was considered “safe” by the local base … Continue reading