Reason to Sing

What a joy this morning to get back to leading the singing at church along with the other others on the music team. And what a special time to be singing. I loved opening the service with Joy to the World, followed by O Come All You Faithful (a slight modernization of words from Ye.) Even lovelier was the elderly lady who waved and blew me a kiss as I started to sing. Later she told me how ‘thrilled’ she was ‘to see me back up the front.’ Now I don’t claim to be the world’s best singer but I … Continue reading

Making Plans for When the Children are Gone

There was a time not so long ago when I could not for the life of me imagine a life without children in my house. As a long-time single parent, so much of my time, resources, energy and budget have gone to supporting and caring for my children and it has definitely given my life grounding and purpose. The end is on the horizon, however, and while I will always be a mom and I know that I will continue to be a part of my kids’ lives, I have also started to realize that there is going to be … Continue reading

“Sweet Caroline” Revealed

Mystery solved! Have you ever wondered who inspired Neil Diamond’s No.1 song “Sweet Caroline?” After more than four decades of keeping the secret, the award-winning singer spilled the beans yesterday. According to Diamond, Caroline is not only a real woman, she is also alive and well… and just recently found out that the song is about her. The lucky lady… President John F. Kennedy’s daughter Caroline. In an interview that went public yesterday, the 66-year-old singer said he intentionally hid the fact that his mega-popular song was inspired by the late president’s offspring. “I thought maybe I would tell it … Continue reading

Monday Layout Challenge – Song Lyrics

We are back for another great Monday Layout Challenge, and this one is a fun one. I had a blast with last week’s challenge, and actually got about ten layouts done using some of my old stuff. It was great, and I found a whole bunch of new things to do with some of it. I will be putting articles up on that later. Did you use some of your old tools and make new layouts with them? Tell me if you found a new way to use something. I am really excited to present today’s today’s challenge: Your challenge … Continue reading

Seven Songs You Won’t Find in the Hymnal

Every Sunday, we pick up the hymnal and sing a variety of songs meant to encourage the Holy Spirit to join us in our worship. We also use these beautiful songs in our family home evenings, and listen to them throughout the day. The Lord has told us that “the song of the righteous is a prayer unto (Him),” and we try to utilize these wonderful expressions. But there are a few songs that we won’t ever find between the covers of our little green books, and I would like to share just a few of them with you. For … Continue reading

“The Super Bowl Shuffle”

Dig out your spandex—the “Super Bowl Shuffle” is back! I may be dating myself, but the truth must be told: when I was in high school my friends and I did busta move to the 80s hit. Members of the Chicago Bears football team recorded the song in 1985. It sold more than 500,000 singles and reached No. 41 on the music charts. Now, the cheeky little ditty has fans shuffling again as this year’s team prepares for tomorrow’s Super Bowl. According to Chicago radio stations, the “Shuffle” is the most requested tune on the air. It can also be … Continue reading

Teaching Children Through Song

Over the years I have found that one of the most effective ways to teach children about the Bible or Biblical concepts is through song. There are many advantages to using songs as a way to help children learn about Biblical ideas. Songs are fun, exciting, and interesting to children. Singing is an engaging activity, both mentally and physically. Children can sing these songs just about anytime from riding to school or doing their chores. Songs also provide an easy way for children to remember Bible stories or Biblical things. Below I have listed just a few songs which can … Continue reading

Primary Program Preparation

If you are like me, you end September like this every year: you get a letter or handout from the Primary presidency telling you the songs your kids were supposed to have learned since the beginning of the year, and please make sure your kids are ready to sing them. You fly into a frenzy because, while you keep meaning to check on their progress, you also meant to be translated and, well, neither one managed to happen. My daughter is five, and though if you met her, you would never believe she was shy (she regularly hugs strangers no … Continue reading

The Words

The words. The words of the songs I sing each Sunday in my worship of the Lord, the Creator of the universe. The words. Do the words I sing matter? Do I know what words I am singing? Do I really need to understand the meaning of all those words? Do I really need to understand the meaning of what I am singing? Does it really matter if I am paying attention to the words that are coming off my lips? I strongly believe that the words of the songs I sing in worship matter. It is important that the … Continue reading

Bible School Songs Every Child (and Adult) Should Know

I love Bible school songs. The songs are simple, yet the often have a powerful meaning. There are several Bible school songs that I think every child, as well as every adult, should know. If you do not know the song, and want to learn the song, ask other members at your congregation if they know the song. Or you could google the song on the internet – I am sure that there are listings of the words as well as the tunes of these songs. This is a list of just a few songs I thought about. I really … Continue reading