Disney World New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Why is it that I can find more details on New Year’s Eve events at the Disney parks than I could for Christmas? Probably because Disney kicks off its Christmas events around a month early, so the day itself doesn’t really feature anything unique. At least I can bring you scoop on Disney’s party plans for New Year’s Eve. Obviously both parks will have roaring parties all night long complete with music, fireworks, and parades. Tickets to the Magic Kingdom’s party, however, are already sold out. But the official Disney Parks blog just posted about some of the other celebrations … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day, Single Moms!

Celebrating Mother’s Day can be a bit more of a challenge for single mother’s. We do not have a significant other there to plan the day for us, and are often left to do the planning ourselves. You might even feel like planning the day yourself is a bit arrogant, but you should not feel this way at all. I’ll tell you why. Number one, you deserve to celebrate yourself as a mother. You do a job a lot of people would not want to do, or could not do. Number two, your children deserve a day to thank you … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day for Single Parents

Is Valentine’s Day only for lovebirds? I don’t think so. Should single parents be frustrated with being single on a day that focuses so heavily on couples? I hope not. I think that Valentine’s Day can be a fun day for us and our children. While it may be a reminder of being in a romantic relationship, the red hearts showing up everywhere shouldn’t have a negative impact on single parents. If you are happy being single on other days of the year, you should also be happy on Valentine’s Day. If you are looking for someone to enter into … Continue reading

New Baby = New Holiday Experience

Ah, the holiday season. So full of fun and exciting activities! For me, the best part of the holidays is getting together with family. I do not have the privilege of living in the same state as my family, so I really look forward to the times we get to be together. Now that life is returning back to normal, I’ve had some time to reflect on our experiences this year. A big thing that sticks out in my mind is that nothing is the same with a baby! For example, flying without a baby is nothing like flying with … Continue reading

Food for an Open House

An open house is a great way to celebrate the holidays with family and friends without a lot of the hassle of trying to fit things into a schedule. Basically, you have a set number of hours in which your home is open to guests. Friends and family can drop by any time during these hours and stay as long as they like. With an open house, your home will never get over crowded, and you will have more quality time to spend with each guest as they arrive. When hosting an open house, you’ll want to have plenty of … Continue reading

Giving Yourself Holiday Recovery Time

I have the unfortunate habit of getting sick over the holidays. It’s almost like my body knows that there are a few days off in my future, and saves up the sickness for those days so I don’t miss whatever important things are going on before and afterwards. On the positive side, it does kind of ensure that I use my holiday time for resting and taking good care of myself. Holidays (and vacations) can be wonderful and fun… but they can also be hectic and stressful. Travel can be full of worries, anxiety, and questions: will you make that … Continue reading

Where to Find Nice, Inexpensive Ornaments

Most years I dread taking down the ornaments for the tree, not because of all of the work involved but because of the fear that we won’t have enough ornaments. Most of the ornaments we have are either broken or long faded. Since they were never family heirlooms, with the exception of a handful of ornaments, I don’t feel bad about replacing them. They were mostly hand me down and tacky dollar store ornaments. The problem is, that buying new ornaments can be expensive, especially when you have an entire tree to fill. So that was my mission: find some … Continue reading

Frugal Ideas for The Christmas Sweater

Some time ago I wrote about my frugal exception. In this blog I described the one thing that I really couldn’t cut corners on. My secret is that I never purchase used shoes. I prefer to get these new. I nearly forgot about my Christmas sweater obssession. I love Christmas sweaters and try to get a enw one very year. But buying a somewhat gaudy sweater that I will only wear for one season is a collosal waste of money. Here are some furgual tips that I used to enjoy the Christmas sweater season each each year. 1. Keep it … Continue reading

Feeling Guilty About Thanksgiving? Seven Tips to Help Curb Holiday Overeating!

If you celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, I hope you had a lovely day full of good food and great family and friends. I also hope you have no regrets about your eating behaviors. Thanksgiving and other holidays tend to encourage bad habits. The meals are full of “special” foods we don’t get on a regular basis, so there can be a feeling that you NEED to overindulge because you’re not going to see it again for another year. Plus, there’s just SO MANY good foods to sample — you don’t want to insult the chefs by not filling your plate, right? … Continue reading

Earning Extra Holiday Money

If the finances are tight, then figuring out how to gain the money to be able to afford the holidays can be daunting. Besides the presents, there is food, decorating, charity gifts and more. Sometimes the solution is to simply earn some extra money in order to afford the holidays. I like this idea much better than going into credit card debt. If you find yourself in this situation, or if you simply want to be able to sail through the holidays without extra bills, try one of these ideas for earning extra holiday money. Have a yard or virtual … Continue reading