Steven Page Leaves Barenaked Ladies and LAPD Investigates Rihanna Photo Leak

In August 2008, I blogged about Barenaked Ladies lead singer Steven Page. He was arrested in July for possession of a controlled substance. The arrest caused the band to cancel an appearance at the Disney Music Block Party in New York. The charges against Page were eventually reduced to a misdemeanor in October 2008. Today, it was announced on the band’s web page that by mutual agreement, Page was leaving the band. Page released a statement saying, “These guys are my brothers. We’ve grown up together over the past twenty years. I love them and wish them all the best … Continue reading

Barenaked Ladies Singer Survives Crash

It has been a long, hard summer for the Barenaked Ladies. First, singer/songwriter Steven Page was arrested on July 11 for possession of a controlled substance. The police were checking out a suspiciously parked car near the home of Christine Benedicto, Page’s girlfriend, whom he was visiting that night. Through the window, the police saw Page and another resident of the apartment, Stephanie Ford. Page and Ford covered up the table when they saw the police, but it was too late. What the officers found on the kitchen table was cocaine. When the police searched Page’s car, more cocaine was … Continue reading