Happy Father’s Day

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, days full of expectations. Breakfast in bed, well behaved children, getting to watch something you would like to watch on TV, being pampered and catered to. Then we wake up. As cute as our kids are and as much as they try to be angels for our special day, they are kids, and ten minutes after being the most adorable, thoughtful child on the planet, they do something that makes you wonder if you are going to live through parenting them. Single fathers are not a new breed but their numbers are growing and we … Continue reading

Lessons from My Father

I’ve always been a bit of a daddy’s girl. As a little girl, I chose repeatedly to attend the “cow sales” (livestock auctions) with Dad over shopping with Mom. Maybe it was because I felt so special being the only little girl in the midst of all those men, but whatever the reason, I loved spending time with my dad. I loved the way he took care of me and, although my memory may be somewhat skewed by age and time, the way he seemed to take pride in my being there. I grew up wanting to be around Dad … Continue reading

The Importance of Fathers

My husband grew up in a home without a father. Like so many kids these days, he had one parent at home who had to work to make a living, so he was on his own quite a bit. But even though he didn’t have a father, he felt the need for a father figure. He adored his grandpa and tried to be like him, and he sought out other men to fill that void in his life. Fortunately, he lived in a good neighborhood and a good ward. As a teenager, a man down the street took him under … Continue reading

More Father’s Day Ideas

Can you believe there’s only a couple more days until Father’s Day. If you missed the Father’s Day sale at Shutterfly, you may be wondering what you’re going to do to celebrate the greatest dad on the planet. Well, it may be too late to order a photo gift online, but it’s certainly not too late to create your own photo gift for your favorite guy. Here are a few ideas that you could make in a flash and that won’t cost a whole lot either. * Pull out the camera and get snapping! What are a few of dad’s … Continue reading

Father’s Day Sale at Shutterfly

I know you’re probably aware that Father’s Day is coming up quickly (June 20, if you don’t already know), and it’s always fun to do something special for your favorite guy. Dads are great because they do so much for you over the years and always support you no matter what you attempt. So why not make Dad something one-of-a-kind for Father’s Day this year? I’m talking about photo gifts. I talked about making them for Mother’s Day as well, but this time there’s an incentive—it’s a sale! For those of you who are frugal and love a sale (like … Continue reading

What Can a Family Day Do for Your Marriage?

A family day can have positive benefits in a marriage. Let me tell you how. Yesterday we had a family get together. The excuse, not that we needed one, was partly a birthday but also Father’s Day. As our son and daughter live a few hours away and have other commitments on Sunday, Father’s Day was celebrated a day early. We had a family picnic and for once we managed to get a perfect day. Often when we plan picnics, the weather turns cold or windy, but yesterday was a magic spring day. The sun was smiling and so were … Continue reading

The Wrong Excuse for a Gift?

It’s Father’s Day in Australia tomorrow. Someone asked me what I’d bought for Mick for Father’s Day. ‘Nothing,’ I replied. ‘He’s not my father.’ If my father was still alive I would certainly buy him a gift and our son and daughter buy a gift for Mick, but we have never held to the view that the husband buys presents for their wife on Mother’s Day or the wife buys presents for the husband on Father’s Day. After all it’s not husband’s or wive’s day. In fact I think the whole thing is quite absurd and a ploy by companies … Continue reading

A Single Mom Looks at Father’s Day

In all honesty, I have some ambivalence about Father’s Day. While I definitely still remind my kids that it is coming up, they are old enough now that I have stepped out of the loop when it comes to being overly assertive in trying to help them do something for their dad. In fact, I pretty much leave it up to them other than mentioning that the day is impending. There are some great fathers out there. I have heard tales and I know there are plenty of people on this site who are constantly commenting about having the most … Continue reading

One Father’s Adoption Commitment

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there—adoptive fathers, prospective adoptive fathers, biological fathers, adoptee fathers, birth fathers, grandfathers, uncles—all kinds of fathers! As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes men are reluctant about adopting. But I’ll tell you a funny story about an exception. As I wrote in my blog, Somebody Meant This to Happen, I’d fantasized about adopting since I was a child. When I began dating my husband while we were young college students, he found the idea rather foreign at first (as he admitted to me years later). Nonetheless, by the time he proposed to me he … Continue reading

Your Dad’s Photo on the Cover of a Magazine

If you are looking for the perfect Father’s Day photo gift then you’ve come to the right place. While some men are more willing to admit it than others I doubt there are many dads out there who haven’t dreamed of seeing their photo grace the cover of a magazine. Some dads would kill to see their faces on the cover of Sports Illustrated or Golf Digest (or in my brother’s case—-SURFING Magazine). Heck, I know some dads who wouldn’t mind seeing their mugs on the cover of GQ magazine. Regardless of your dad’s preference in periodicals there is a … Continue reading