Save Money on Shirts at CheapesTees

Everyone needs to buy new shirts, eventually. CheapesTees offers new shirts, from several big name brands, at very discounted prices. You can get shirts for your whole family, and save money while doing it. CheapesTees is a website that sells shirts, (and a few other items). Find short sleeve T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts that have a pocket on the front, tank tops, dress shirts, sweatshirts, and more. They sell shirts for men, women, juniors, kids, infants and toddlers. You will find name brands like Fruit of the Loom, Jerzees, American Apparel, Gildan and Hanes, to name a … Continue reading

Celebrity Updates—Cashing in on Rock ‘n’ Roll Memorabilia

Celebrity auctions intrigue me. Not so much because of the items that are up for sale (though it is interesting to see what celebs consider “safe” to part with), but what I find so astounding is how much some die-hard fans are willing to fork over for an item previously owned by someone they likely have never met. In a previous blog I previewed an auction Christie’s was running featuring rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia from some of the hottest bands of the 1960s and ’70s. Most of the items were non descript and unpretentious, such as used T-shirts, sweaters and … Continue reading

Guilt-Free Shopping

Is there such a thing? I suppose if you are a multi-millionaire shopping is almost something you have to do so you don’t die with money left over. (Oh, the horror!) But, for the rest of us non-Powerball winners we tend to pick and choose our “necessities” carefully. For example, diaper bags. If you have a baby you need a bag of some sort to tote around the ton of infant essentials associated with a newborn. The bag needs to be able to hold the equivalent of an entire nursery, but you still want it to be stylish (even if … Continue reading

Spending Money On Those Who Need It Most

How many times have you stood in line at a department store and wondered if the frock you were clutching was something you really needed? After all, couldn’t the 50 bucks you are about to drop be better spent elsewhere? If you answered “yes,” then perhaps I can help you feel better about spending money on items you simply must-have because they make you look so darn good. Designer Kenneth Cole is coming to the rescue of fashionistas who feel guilty about purchasing a shirt they simply have to have. (Wait a minute… do fashionistas ever feel guilty about buying … Continue reading

Easy Tie-Dye T-shirts

Last weekend, my family made tie-dye shirts – the easy way. We are very pleased with the results and the ease of the spray method. I have made tie-dye shirts before where you dip the shirts in dye. The results are beautiful, but it’s a messy and complicated project to do and to clean up from. Last week I noticed spray tie-dye bottles at the craft store. We bought red, blue, and yellow, thinking that the primary colors would mix. We also bought orange, because it’s my husband’s favorite color. The colors didn’t mix, but the results were still great. … Continue reading

Printing T-shirts

A few years ago we made gifts for the kids’ grandparents with Hanes T-ShirtMaker. Creating your own shirt design is really fun and the possibilities are endless. You can make your own design on the computer, using the software provided. The design is printed on special transfer paper using an ink jet printer. You heat set the design on the shirt by using an iron. What’s really fun is that you can incorporate your own photos into the design – you can frame a photo or crop it into different shapes. The t-shirt transfers work on more than t-shirts too. … Continue reading

New Uses for Old T-Shirts

I love my t-shirts. I use them to sleep in during the summer and to layer under my clothes in the winter. My husband and son wear t-shirts all of the time, too. There is just something about the soft cotton texture and easy wear that make t-shirts a real favorite in my house. Eventually, though, the t-shirts start to show signs of wear, from shrinking into a square shape to getting holes at the collar and seams. One frugal motto is Reuse! Reuse! Reuse! So, what can be done with old t-shirts? Here are some new uses: Pillows: Although … Continue reading

T-Shirt Party Theme

Using Teresa’s great tie-dye t-shirt project (with excellent instructions and pictures), you can create a fun party theme. You can cut out or print out t-shirt shaped invitations, and make a t-shirt shaped cake, frosting it to look like a tie-dyed shirt. Go all out and tie-dye a tablecloth in advance, using Teresa’s instructions. You can find cute party favors too like these tie-dye t-shirt notepads. A tie-dye project will be a great way to keep kids entertained, and they will have a souvenir from the party. Consider supplying rubber gloves and doing the project outdoors. You might also want … Continue reading

Tie-Dye T-Shirts

I recently did a tie-dying activity with some twelve and thirteen year old girls and they had a blast. The project was simple enough that younger children could also create their own tie-dyed t-shirt with a little help from mom or dad. You will need: A white t-shirt Rit dye Water Rubber bands Plastic gloves Metal Bowls (plastic with get dyed) and plastic cup OR Spray bottles or Squeeze bottles Directions: 1. Start by creating the design that you want on your t-shirt. When making a large spiral design you grab the middle of the shirt and start twisting it … Continue reading

Ali Edwards’ Inspiring Products

Ali Edwards has become a well-known name in the scrapbooking industry. She is a contributor to Creating Keepsakes magazine, author of two books, and teaches many scrapbook classes throughout the country. She even has a new book due to come out this summer. Ali must be one busy person. She also has a very cool line of inspiring scrapbook products available in her online store, CafePress. I wanted to share some of the products that are available because I think they are very classy and sophisticated. She offers Life Artist Journals in a variety of colors. There are several different … Continue reading