Gas Tank Getaway: Six Flags Great America

Don’t let high gas prices keep you home this summer.  There’s no need to sweat it out in your backyard when extreme family fun is less than a tank of gas away. If you live in Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan or Illinois, a mecca of mind-blowing adventure awaits at Six Flags Great America.  The popular theme park is located in Gurnee, Illinois; less than an hour’s drive from Chicago, Milwaukee, and a host of other major Midwestern cities. Great America’s convenient location is a major timesaver, but the savings don’t stop there.  In addition to banking gas money, you can continue … Continue reading

More Ways to Save at Theme Parks

Treating the family to a day at a theme park can put a huge strain on your household budget.  In some cases, paying for two adults and two children to enter, eat, drink and play some games at a reputable amusement park can total more than a month’s worth of groceries, utilities or gas. If you are pinching pennies, but still want to enjoy a fabulous summer day at a major theme park, consider taking advantage of these discounts: GROUP RATES Many theme parks around the country offer huge savings for guests visiting in groups, including companies, schools, religious organizations, … Continue reading

Interactive Summer Fun

What’s your favorite part of a theme park? Most people travel to amusement parks for the thrills and chills associated with jaw dropping, stomach turning roller coasters that twist and turn in dozens of spine tingling directions. Apparently, monster thrill rides are now passe. According to theme park experts, the latest and greatest additions to amusement parks are interactive attractions. In an effort to win over video game enthusiasts, who are addicted to Wii and the like, theme parks have added new interactive rides and games for summer 2010. The following is a sample of what you will find when … Continue reading

Theme Parks Go High-Tech

Most modern day amusement parks have enough bells and whistles to thrill guests of all ages. However, with the influx of high-tech toys hitting the market, some theme parks have felt the need to add some electronic wizardry to their collections of topsy-turvy roller coasters and splashtastic water rides. For the summer of 2010 it’s all about special effects and hands-on fun at amazing new interactive amusement park attractions. Leading the pack is Universal Studios, which is debuting several new rides that immerse guests into another world. At Universal Studios Hollywood visitors can get up close and personal with “King … Continue reading

Theme Parks that Won’t Break the Bank

How much money did you have to set aside to pay for your family’s summer vacation to Disney, Six Flags or Universal? Unless you found an outstanding package deal I doubt that your family of four could get admission, parking, meals, drinks, and souvenirs for less than $500. Now consider how much more you could get for the same amount of money if you opted to visit a smaller theme park like Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana or Alabama Adventure in Bessemer, Alabama. All-day admission at both parks cost about half of what Disney charges. Currently, a one-day ticket … Continue reading

Theme Park Travel Tips

My best friend’s family will be traveling from their home in Hawaii to Southern California the day after Christmas. They decided to do away with exchanging Christmas gifts, and instead are using the money they would have spent on presents to take a family trip to Disneyland, SeaWorld, and Legoland. It’s going to be quite a vacation. But, the truth is, I’m not really all that jealous. While I would love to escape the bone-chilling temps this winter I also know southern California (and Florida) can be a stressful destination during the last week of December and first week of … Continue reading

Disney in Oklahoma?

It’s not just a Rogers and Hammerstein idea, but apparently there’s another rumor floating around that Disney may be considering adding a new theme park to its stable. This theme park would be located somewhere in the state of Oklahoma – likely near Oklahoma City. The weather is temperate, the central location is ideal and it’s been about 15 years since Disney launched a new theme park. (Can you believe Disneyland Paris the former Euro Disney is 15 years old?) A press release issued yesterday is fanning the flames as it was announced that Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry will be … Continue reading

Where Spider-Man Comes To Life

A few months ago I was watching a segment on ABC’s “20/20” about Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The story explored the incredible real estate development going on there–from massive resorts and casinos to floating buildings and what will soon be considered the crown jewel of the downtown area–Burj Dubai. If all goes according to plan, Burj Dubai will become the tallest building in the world (at an estimated 2,700 feet it will be nearly twice the height of the Empire State Builidng). Designers say the building should be complete by 2009, which means you can visit it if … Continue reading

Princess or Pirate? It’s Time for a Little Disney Halloween Magic

That we’re not even into September and already Halloween candy, decorations and costumes are making their way into the stores is a little disturbing. However, last year at this time, we were planning our October anniversary vacation to Disney World. Of all the times of year to visit Disney World, October is one of my all time favorites. Why, are you asking? Simply put – it’s one of the most magical places on Earth to spend Halloween. Throughout the month of October, the Magic Kingdom and other parks. Costumes are a large part of it as you get to visit … Continue reading

Secrets of Walt Disney World: Volume #1

When you step into the borders of the Walt Disney World resort, it is almost as if you’re stepping into an entirely different world. Sequestered away from the troubles of the real world, it’s somewhat like stepping into a sort of odd inter-dimensional vortex. And just like a fantasy world, there’s always secret passageways and treasure to be found. So, for your next trip to The World, here are a few secrets that you might not have been aware of before. 1. If you’re staying at a Walt Disney World resort and you have kids, you might find that they’ll … Continue reading