Frugal Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is creeping up. Here is how to come up with some great gifts without worrying about having to add an extra line item to next month’s budget. You can have the opportunity to give a great Valentine’s gift or gifts without spending much. Gift basket under $5 Head over to your nearest dollar or discount store. Chances are that you can put together a great gift basket for less than $5, including the basket. Pick out a few special things that might be available there. If that isn’t enough, supplement the basket with baked goods, homemade crafts, samples … Continue reading

Valentine Family Tree Project

If you need a project to do with your kids this month, consider using the festive colors and hearts of the popular Valentine’s Day themes as inspiration for a fun and colorful family tree. Let’s look at how to create a Valentine’s family tree. Here are the supplies you’ll need: *White poster board *Red construction paper *Craft glue *Black marker *Red marker *Red glitter (Optional) *Photos (Optional) *Photo corners (Optional) Now that we have all of the supplies together, let’s look at the steps to create this fun family tree: *Write the title of your tree in large letters across … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day for Single Parents

Is Valentine’s Day only for lovebirds? I don’t think so. Should single parents be frustrated with being single on a day that focuses so heavily on couples? I hope not. I think that Valentine’s Day can be a fun day for us and our children. While it may be a reminder of being in a romantic relationship, the red hearts showing up everywhere shouldn’t have a negative impact on single parents. If you are happy being single on other days of the year, you should also be happy on Valentine’s Day. If you are looking for someone to enter into … Continue reading

Simple Valentine Crafts for Preschoolers

I swear it was just last week that I was mailing out Christmas cards (okay, maybe it was two weeks ago). Now, Valentine’s Day is just 11 days away, which means there’s no sense in putting away my craft bin at this point. This, of course, is welcome news to my preschooler, who is always ready for new craft projects. The following Valentine art projects are ones we made last year when she was 3 years old. They are appropriate for ages 3-5, provided an adult is present. Older kids could make them on their own. Besides being easy to … Continue reading

Computing Week in Review: February 11th Through February 17th

The colder weather brings more indoor activities, such as playing video games. If you haven’t purchased your system yet, you might want to read up on failure rates. or, just take advantage of games that are online. You can find out all about these things and more in this past week’s Computing Blogs. February 11th Computing Week in Review: February 4th Through February 10th Have you been following along with the Microsoft bid for Yahoo? There should be some more news about this issue later today. Meanwhile, catch up by reading last week’s articles. They cover the bid plus other … Continue reading

It’s Valentine’s Day!

Wow. I can’t believe it. I almost missed it. I don’t think it’s ever happened before, but I nearly forgot about Valentine’s Day this year. Things have been nuts here at home and especially in our community but I never thought I’d forget Valentine’s Day. I’ve usually purchased Valentines, goodies for school parties, and stuff for my girls and my husband, well before now. This time, I was running around last night for school snacks and my youngest hurriedly filled out the last minute Valentines I picked up. Even then, I forgot again and didn’t wish my husband a Happy … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day: Special Delivery

What will you do for your sweetie(s) for Valentine’s Day? Will you have something special delivered to work or school to say ‘be mine’? A lot of thought (not to mention cash) goes into picking out just the right things and having them delivered. I like thoughtful ideas rather than extravagant. I won’t be spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I won’t be sending six foot tall Teddy Bears, dozens of roses, or 10 pound heart shaped boxes of chocolate to school for my kids. I’ll just find a little something that’s cute and sweet that says Happy Valentine’s Day … Continue reading

Valentine’s Gifts for Techies

Wondering what to get the high-tech person in your life for Valentine’s Day? If your loved one loves to have the latest technology, consider the following gifts that will go straight to the heart. Just in time for Valentine’s Day is the newest addition to the Apple iPod family. It is a jazzy pink iPod Nano. The model is available right now online and at your local Apple store. It features 8GB of storage and retails for $199. The two-inch display will allow users to take advantage of viewing the new iTunes movie rentals as well as television shows and … Continue reading

Computing Week in Review: December 31st Through January 6th

Birthday parties, babies and flat screen televisions. This past week has seen quite a variety of articles in the world of technology. And, if you want to get started on the next big holiday, check out the new blinkies. December 31st Computing Week in Review: December 17th Through December 30th Are you enjoying all of your new electronics and technology toys you may have received during the holidays? Perhaps you finally snagged that Wii or an HGTV? Now that the holidays are nearing a close, why not resolve to give your computer a little attention. Look for a future blog … Continue reading

Valentine Candy Grams

Need a last minute valentine idea? Valentine’s Day is here. Are you ready? If you need a quick last minute valentine idea, you have come to the right place. I just put a few valentines together and incorporated small candy into each of my messages. This was really fun and did not take much time. So grab a few valentine related products (or just some red, pink or white paper) and let’s get started! I used to love to make candy grams for my friends when I was younger. This is when you incorporate the name of the candy into … Continue reading