Awesome Coupons from Target – Groceries and More!

Target is a great place to go for groceries, clothing, and just about anything else you can think of. Usually, I point out coupons that you can use at Target to get groceries. Today, I have found some awesome coupons for things all over the store! Save on children’s bedding, Valentine’s Day items, and much more! Children’s Bedding Dora the Explorer Get 20% off a Dora the Explorer bedding item. If you would rather shop online than in the store, enter the Code TGT6KV7G. Spongebob Get 20% off a Spongebob bedding item. If you want to shop online, instead of … Continue reading

Home Week in Review: February 11th Through February 17th

From scary weather to Valentines fun, this has been a busy week here in the Home blog. Did you have a good one? How did you spend your time in your home? Here we have been busy prepping and priming up the family room. I’ll be writing more about that. But for now, why not check out the articles we shared this past week. February 11th Scary Weather The wind has been howling so badly this week and into the weekend. Our neighbors and ourselves have lost large tree limbs and some trees, too. One large tree cracked in two … Continue reading

It’s Valentine’s Day!

Wow. I can’t believe it. I almost missed it. I don’t think it’s ever happened before, but I nearly forgot about Valentine’s Day this year. Things have been nuts here at home and especially in our community but I never thought I’d forget Valentine’s Day. I’ve usually purchased Valentines, goodies for school parties, and stuff for my girls and my husband, well before now. This time, I was running around last night for school snacks and my youngest hurriedly filled out the last minute Valentines I picked up. Even then, I forgot again and didn’t wish my husband a Happy … Continue reading

Home Week in Review: February 4th Through February 10th

Our homes are the heart of our lives. This is never more evident when disaster strikes, as it has recently for so many. It is also a place where love grows, sometimes passionately, sometimes softly. When we celebrate Valentine’s Day, we can include not just our sweethearts, but everyone who comes under the shelter of our home. I am so amazed to realize that I get to share my love of the home with all of you. Please come along with myself and Sherry, as we bring you the subject, outside of family and friends, that is closest to our … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day: Special Delivery

What will you do for your sweetie(s) for Valentine’s Day? Will you have something special delivered to work or school to say ‘be mine’? A lot of thought (not to mention cash) goes into picking out just the right things and having them delivered. I like thoughtful ideas rather than extravagant. I won’t be spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I won’t be sending six foot tall Teddy Bears, dozens of roses, or 10 pound heart shaped boxes of chocolate to school for my kids. I’ll just find a little something that’s cute and sweet that says Happy Valentine’s Day … Continue reading

Picking Valentine Flowers

Flowers are so associated with love and Valentines Day that chances are that you will either receive or give some this Valentine’s Day. This past week, I received an e-mail from my son’s school. It was a document that contained a form to order pink, white and red carnations for Valentines Day. The school is using the sale as a fundraiser, and I can order some flowers in a convenient way. It got me thinking about choosing flowers and taking care of them. Here are some tips to ensure that your blooms last long and strong. Roses sure do make … Continue reading

Decorating for Valentine’s Day

Even though it seems as if you finally just got all the Christmas decorations organized and put away, it might be time to pull some of them back out… I was given a heart shaped glass dish for Christmas. It looked nice filled with tiny, shiny ornaments, but it will also be pretty when filled with heart shaped candies for Valentine’s Day. That red tablecloth, red doilies, gold placemats, and metallic stars can all add to your Valentine’s Day decorating. Metallic items look great with red. Those star shaped decorations will work too, because stars and hearts work together. I … Continue reading

Favorite Valentines Gifts for the Home

Forget the candy and perfume. This year, for Valentine’s Day, why not ask for or give a gift that you can enjoy in your home. Chances are the gift will last longer than a card or chocolates, and will be remembered for years to come. Here are some of my favorite ideas. A down comforter: You’ll be able to snuggle and sleep in with your honey when you are warm under a fluffy down comforter. Look for new features in comforters, such as EcoDown, which is hyper allergenic, and different levels of warmth. you can check out this article for … Continue reading

To My Valentine

If you do nothing else this Valentine’s Day with your spouse, how about just jotting a note of things you appreciate about them? The following is mine to my husband: To My Husband, Rather than finding a card that best describes my feelings for you, I thought it would be better to dedicate this blog to you instead. This Valentine’s Day will be the twelfth we’ve spent together. Here are some of the things I really love about you: You don’t make a big deal about anything. You help out around the house. You get on the floor and play … Continue reading

Frugal Valentines Blogs

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope your day is filled with lots of good things. Here we are battling lots of snow. Yesterday, I paid a group of kids $15 to shovel the walk, and it was not very frugal. They did a very poor job. So, I was very resigned to having to shovel the rest of the snow today. Wow, as I was writing this, my very great neighbor knocked on the door. He offered to move my car so he could use his snow blower on the street. He already did our walk and the sidewalks on the … Continue reading