Scrapbooking Your Values and Virtues

Recently I came across an interesting article which was talking about Benjamin Franklin. I am usually one of those gals that seriously does not enjoy most historical information. I am just not a history buff, and I prefer the literary world much more. However, there was a blurb in the article that caught my eye. It stated that Benjamin Franklin made a list of thirteen personal virtues in which he wanted to develop within himself during his lifetime. I was absolutely fascinated with that idea, and immediately I saw a scrapbook layout developing in my mind. The virtues that Mr. … Continue reading

Developing Patience

Patience is a virtue that we are often encouraged to develop. It is something that is essential to becoming more like Christ. But what exactly is patience. The dictionary define patience as “quiet steady perseverance; diligence.” This definition explains a lot of what is meant by the patience that is described in the scriptures. It can be difficult to develop patience. It is easy to lose your temper or complain when a situation is not going the way that you want it to. It is easy to lose your patience when you are asked the same question over and over … Continue reading