Hosting Your Own Workshop, Seminar or Event

Many of us participate in workshops, conferences and seminars as part of our home businesses—either as a way of making customer contacts and sales, or as a way of networking, or even as a way of improving our skills and competency. Have you ever thought of hosting your own workshop or event? Hosting a workshop or a seminar can be a great way to make contacts, present pertinent and interesting material and promote your business. Some individuals are even able to make a decent amount of money on conferences, workshops, classes, and the like. The thing to remember, however, is … Continue reading

Presenting and Teaching at Workshops and Conferences

While some people build their businesses on speaking, teaching and presenting, others can use presenting and teaching at workshops, classes and conferences as a way to market and grow an existing business with a different focus. Perhaps you have considered teaching or wondered if branching out and presenting at industry conferences could be a way for you to expand and supplement your business? Just about every industry or field of business has conferences, workshops, and professional development. If you are a massage therapist or a child care provider, there are conferences geared toward your profession. Sure, you can attend conferences … Continue reading

What is the Difference Between a Scrapbooking Crop and a Workshop?

I was asked this question recently, and since my answer was so long, I thought it might make a good article for everyone. The difference between a scrapbook crop and a scrapbook workshop, is simple, yet many struggle to understand the difference. I thought I’d take some time to discuss this concept, especially for those new to scrapbooking or those that are curious about scrapbooking but feel like they are missing out because all the lingo is hard. A Scrapbooking Crop Typically, if you are invited to a scrapbooking crop, you can expect to find several scrapbookers sitting around, creating … Continue reading

Writing Workshops

Many students at any age feel their writing skills are not strong. Part of the problem is that students compare themselves to published, well-known fiction authors who have editors and publishers who revise and edit before any copies hit the book shelves. Students need to be made aware sometimes a book can take 5 years to complete; sometimes even longer! How do writing workshops help? Anytime a student writes an essay, regardless of grade level, a good technique which can be used in a classroom is to “workshop” their writing. What this means is after the student feels their rough … Continue reading