The Scrapbook Adhesive Gun Every Scrapbooker Should Get

One of the newest scrapbook supplies to hit the supply craze is the discovery of the ATG. It is the best adhesive dispenser for a variety of reasons but one of the biggest is honestly the cost. When you scrapbook as much as most of us do, you go through a lot of adhesive. Many scrapbookers are swearing that this is the best period. So, what exactly is an ATG? The ATG is an adhesive dispenser that was traditionally used in framing. I think the ATG stands for Adehesive Tape Gun? Or perhaps Automatic Tape Gun? However, much like many … Continue reading

Scrapbooking: Alternatives to Adhesives

Awhile back, Nicole blogged about the different types of adhesives you can use on your scrapbooks. If you haven’t read that, do! It’s a very good introduction and covers it well. I’ll admit to being cheap sometimes and using scrapbook glue sticks when I can’t afford the tape runner. But sometimes you have articles, photos, documents, or memorabilia that you don’t want permanently affixed for one reason or another. What do you do then? One way is to use photo corners. You stick your photo into it, and then glue the corners down. This means you can always remove the … Continue reading

Scrapbook Tools: Paper Trimmers and Adhesive

Favorite Things: Paper Trimmer and Adhesive Do you have scrapbook items that you just wouldn’t be able to go without? I’m sure that we all do. Two of my most used items are my Flacon Paper Trimmer and my Hermafix Tab Dispenser. I would like to share what I love about each of these products. I own several and have tried many paper trimmers, but just keep coming back to the first paper trimmer I started scrapbooking with: the Falcon / Marshall 14″ Personal Size Paper Cutter. It is designed so that you can clearly see where your cut line … Continue reading