What Your Mother Never Told You: a Survival Guide for Teenage Girls – Richard M. Dudum

Our teenagers today are facing more pressure, more trials than ever before, and author Richard M. Dudum wants to give our daughters a clear, unmistakable message: you don’t have to conform to anyone else’s idea of what you should be. You can decide for yourself if you’re going to get involved in drugs, if you’re going to have sex, if you’re going to play into the social games. He does this in his new book, “What Your Mother Never Told You,” and he does it in down-to-earth language that can’t be misinterpreted. Several different topics are covered in this book, … Continue reading

“Tweens”—Are They BIG “Little Kids” or Mini-teenagers?

This term “Tween” is relatively new—I think it started as a marketing term for those pre-teenagers who are considered such a huge target market for everything from Mary Kate and Ashley videos to Hannah Montana concerts. But, for a parent, are there special considerations that come with parenting teens. Should they be treated like big “little kids” or more like little teenagers? For many of us who have been through it, it usually seems like a little of both… For me, it seemed like things started getting a little kooky at the age of 9—looking back, that was when I … Continue reading

Adolescence May Bring Up Ancient History

Just when I think that we have all settled in to a groove and have completely recovered from the trauma of divorce and the crisis our family faced all those years ago–things tend to reappear. I’ve been told by the “experts” that it is perfectly normal and healthy for “old issues” to reappear with kids–especially when they go through big developmental leaps and changes–like adolescence. As kids grow and develop–they tend to get a “new lease” on old issues. There may be things that they just weren’t able to face or cope with when they were younger and as they … Continue reading

Will My Child Outgrow ADHD? Looking Ahead to the Teenage Years

Since many of the behaviors associated with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are child-like, including impulsivity and forgetfulness, often parents suppose (or hope) that their child will eventually grow out of it. But statistically, your son or daughter with ADHD is likely to struggle with the condition well into the teenage years and beyond. And some children are not even diagnosed until adolescence. That’s because what seemed initially like childish recklessness becomes a more obvious concern as the child matures and cannot stop the behaviors. Studies have shown that 80% of children with ADHD will continue to have symptoms of inattention, … Continue reading

What is Schizophrenia?

The public misconception of a schizophrenia sufferer as having a “split personality” has been pushed by Hollywood and novelists alike. Sufferers of this serious mental illness do not possess dual personalities, but the unfortunate stigma that is attached to schizophrenia and mental illness in general often precludes the general public having a thorough understanding of what this complex condition is all about. Schizophrenia affects roughly one in every hundred people, so it is hardly a rare illness. This proportion is consistent around the world, occurring in similar ratios in all races and socio-economic groups. It is no respecter of status … Continue reading

Walking the Mother-Daughter Tightrope (3)

The mother-daughter bond can be a relationship made in heaven. However, during the daughter’s adolescent years, the sweet-tempered girl you nurtured from birth may undergo a radical change. You, her loving mother, may become her biggest enemy. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Following on from Walking the Mother-Daughter Tightrope (1) and (2), let’s look at some more tips on how to make this second “birthing” process, the birth of a new relationship, a less traumatic one. 1. Trust your daughter enough to let her make her own mistakes. You’ve taught her right from wrong all through her … Continue reading

Walking the Mother-Daughter Tightrope (2)

Continuing on from Walking the Tightrope of the Mother-Daughter Relationship (1), today we’ll look at ways in which to make the transition through the teenage years as smooth as possible. Below are some suggestions for positive actions to help strengthen the mother-daughter relationship. 1. Brush up on your listening skills. Your role as a mother is changing from one of doing most things for your daughter to one of letting her make her own mistakes. Encourage her to talk about issues that are bothering her. This is a growing-up period for you, not just for her, and part of that … Continue reading

Walking the Tightrope of the Mother-Daughter Relationship (1)

When a mother gives birth to a baby girl, there is potential for a tremendously strong bond to develop. Having a female child allows a mother to re-experience her own growing-up process, this time though the eyes of an adult. We mothers can see first hand the joy our children of both genders experience as they explore the world and gradually take charge of their own lives. But the mother-daughter bond is different. We can so clearly see ourselves in our own daughter as she grows up: playing girl-orientated games, choosing clothes, playing at being grown-ups, wearing your shoes, using … Continue reading

Profile: The Tween Years

What are the tween years? The tween years are those years between approximately 8 and 13 when a child is not yet a teen but no longer just a little kid. They are often overlooked by parents and experts, alike because they happen to fall between two very busy and exciting stages of life – early childhood and the teen years. But this is a tumultuous time for kids as they transition from childhood to the teen years. It is a time of extremes – emotions, fluctuations, expectations and responsibilities. Characteristics of a Tween: Tweens will often act like teenagers … Continue reading