“Storage Wars” Mark Balelo Dies

My family loves “Storage Wars,” especially my eight-year-old son.  It is not uncommon to hear him running around my house yelling “Yuuup” like Dave Hester. I had to explain how Dave Hester, who is now suing A&E, isn’t going to be on the show anymore.  Hester is claiming that the whole show, based on people purchasing storage units that have been abandoned, is a sham and A&E plants valuable items in the units. Now, the show has suffered another tragedy that hopefully my son won’t notice.  Mark Balelo was a buyer that the show introduced in season 2.  A native … Continue reading

Dave Hester’s Out on ‘Storage Wars’

My 8-year-old loves “Storage Wars,” the A&E reality show that follows around people who bid on storage units being auctioned off for lack of payment by the owners.  He wears his fake teeth and calls himself Barry (after Barry Weiss, one of the regulars on the show who wore fake teeth in one episode to “disguise” himself).  He also runs around the room yelling “Yuuup,” which is what Dave Hester, another show regular, says when he bids on the storage units. At least Hester used to be a regular.  My son will probably be devastated because Hester has been let … Continue reading