After Holiday Sales at Barnes & Noble, Target, Michaels, and More!

Did Santa forget to bring you a gift that you had your heart set on this Christmas? Was your Christmas tree a few decorations shy from being as stunning as you hoped for? Did the Christmas lights burn out? If your answer to any of these questions is “yes” then it is definitely time to shop some After Christmas Sales. Here’s a few that are happening right now! Target is having a “Year End Clearance” sale. Items in this clearance will be up to 65% off. As with all clearance sales, you might find different products at individual stores. You … Continue reading

Plenty of After Christmas Sales Today

Get out those gift cards and the Christmas money you got as a gift. The stores are ready to offer you plenty of after Christmas sales starting today. The strategy for this year for many families is to go out shopping today, the day after Christmas to pick up those gifts that they really wanted at bargain prices. Because they know that many people are heading to work today, the stores will be trying to do everything they can to get people to take an extra day off and go shopping. They want to get that last bit of sales … Continue reading

The “After Christmas” Sales have Started!

It’s not even Christmas yet, but stores are already putting their holiday items on sale. Last year, the “After Christmas” sales started about a week before Christmas. This year, you can take advantage of those sales right now. Target has a small batch of coupons that will help you save on some of the holiday items that you can find at Target. The coupons are: Get $1.00 off when you spend $7.00 or more on Holiday boxed card sets. Get $1.00 off when you purchase three greeting cards. Get $0.50 off when you buy 1 Holiday card set. Get $1.00 … Continue reading

The Temptation of Great After Holiday Deals 3

Did you see that Wal-Mart may be having a 75% off sale on Christmas items? How can you resist? Well, you might want to employ some strategies with the after holiday sales in order to prevent going into debt. Yesterday, I covered some ideas for just this. Click here if you missed either post: The Temptation of Great After Holiday Deals or The Temptation of Great After Holiday Deals 2 Today, I’ll wrap up with the last post in the series… In the store, the bowl scraper I was looking for was normally priced at $10. However, if I got … Continue reading

The Temptation of Great After Holiday Deals 2

All of those wonderful after holiday deals are coming your way. Sale! Sale! Sale! the stores seem to scream. But if you aren’t careful, you can get into debt quickly and wind up paying so much more in credit card interest than the item is worth. Earlier today, I posted the first part of this series. If you missed it, click here! The secret, I think, to taking advantage of the after holiday sales is to know exactly what you want and need. Making a list ahead of time can really help with the temptation. For example, we really needed … Continue reading

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year for Thrift Store Bargains

Is the Christmas music still playing in your home or have you already moved on from the holidays? I’ve been encountering a little bit of both in the past two days. There is a desire both too hold on to Christmas as it has come too quickly, and a desire to prepare for the new year. One way that folks are moving on and preparing for the new year is by getting all of their last donations in before the calendar hits 1/1. This way, everything can be taken off of taxes for the year. This is true not only … Continue reading

Post Holiday Shopping: Returns and Refunds

Returning items to the store for exchange or refund can be a frustrating experience, especially after the holidays. You certainly won’t be the only person in line. In fact, the lines can be very long, and some people become cranky, which adds to everyone’s frustration. Try going to the store at odd hours when things aren’t quite so busy, so you won’t have to wait in line as long. Super stores that are open 24 hours, don’t tend to be as busy early in the morning or later at night. Returns can also be problematic if you are hassled. I … Continue reading

Best Buys for December

With December, the deals are all about the holidays. There are no surprises there. And, as soon as those doors open on december 26th, there is holiday merchandise on sale. You’ll find the usual Christmas cards and ornaments, but there are some surprises, too. One bit of advice: if you find something in an after-holiday sale, snap it up. Retailers have not stocked an excess of goods this year, so the pickings may be slim. We went out and practically had our hand on some Christmas lights. We turned to listen to a request from one of our children. When … Continue reading

After Christmas Sales: Opportunities for Couples

This is the perfect time of year for you and your honey to get out and shop for holiday decorations. That’s right. Right now, you can find everything from artificial trees to tree stands, lights, ornaments, and every other style and type of decoration from 25-50% off. In some stores, the savings may increase to up to 75% off within the next week or two. Whether you’re newly married or just need to replace some of your things, this is the perfect opportunity to expand your collection -or start building a collection- of holiday items without spending a lot of … Continue reading