Steve Winwood Releases “Nine Lives”

Steve Winwood is perhaps best known for his songs “Higher Love,” “Back in the High Life,” “The Finer Things,” “Roll with It,” and “While You See a Chance.” His sound is distinctive and during the 1980s, he was one of the most popular artists on the radio. His songs are still played today, as well, and now we have even more Winwood songs to enjoy with his recent release of the album “Nine Lives.” Some critics have said that Winwood lost a little bit of ground with his more recent songs, but that “Nine Lives” brings him back to his … Continue reading

Technique Tuesday: One Sheet of Cardstock Mini Book

Welcome to our very first technique article. This technique was inspired by some scrapbooker’s who were tired of wasting cardstock to create smaller embellishments, albums and cards. It always seemed there was extra leftover, and they wanted a new way to create without waste. Who knew there was actually a way to create a fabulous looking mini album using only one piece of cardstock? These make a terrific Mother’s Day gift for mom’s and grandma’s, or Father’s Day gift for father’s and grandpa’s. One Sheet Mini Book What you will need: 1 Sheet of Cardstock Cardstock and Patterned Paper Scraps … Continue reading

Creating a School Year Scrapbook

Education is our future. Our children are in school an enormous part of their young lives. Learning and growing right before our eyes, and if we blink, we will miss it. So how do you go about scrapbooking those important years? Create a school year scrapbook and add it to it each year. With five children, creating a school year scrapbook was an easy and necessary decision. We take so many photographs and attend so many events during the school year, there was just no possible way to include it all in our regular albums. At least not on individual … Continue reading

How Many Pages Will My Scrapbook Album Hold?

How many pages does a scrapbook album actually hold? This question is asked so frequently. In fact, I see it several times a week on a variety of message boards I frequent, so I thought I would address it and give you the best answer available. The first part of the answer is simple. It has no answer. Except it does so I will explain. It really depends on the name brand of the album, the size of the album and how much three dimensional scrapbooking you do on your individual layouts. Here is more on each situation. Album Brand … Continue reading

Changing An Album Kit (3)

Album kits are easy to change and that has been my focus the past few days. This article will wrap up the rest of the album and hopefully encourage you to get started on your own. Since I had planned out the album, all sixteen pages, before I got to work on it, the album was easy and fast to complete. Planning is key. It also allows you to figure out what you might need in advance and not order too many photographs. The next section of the album began a closer look at mom and dad with the kids. … Continue reading

Using An Album Kit

If you had told me before this Christmas, that I’d be using an album kit to complete something, I would have simply laughed. However, now I have tried it and I am totally hooked. At least for smaller albums and gift albums. I cannot possibly give up the creativity that goes into my everyday layouts. We have a grandma that lives in Montana, which is quite a distance from Missouri when you look at any map. She never gets to see the children, and as busy as we all are, we forget to send pictures out to her all the … Continue reading

What To Include in a Yearly Christmas Album

Many people create a Christmas album and add to it each year. This is a great way to have an ongoing theme album that you can look back on each year and see what you did. But it doesn’t just have to include the typical yearly Christmas pictures displayed beautifully on a layout. There are a dozen more ways to commemorate Christmas and remember each one for years to come. An important part of commemorating the more detailed moments of Christmas, include getting your families involved. You will need to ask questions to each person and how you choose to … Continue reading

Creative Gift Album Suggestions

Creating gift albums can be a daunting task. Organization is key. There are so many different aspects to consider when sitting down to create or even planning a gift album. Here are some suggestions to make the whole process go a little faster and more efficiently. Page Size The page size of the album matters the most because if you plan to include many different photos, a larger page size will make that easier. If you only have a handful of photographs that you want to use, or you are following a theme throughout the album, you might choose to … Continue reading

Gift Album Tips and Ideas

Most Scrapbookers think about scrapbooking something as a gift idea for the holidays. Well, with Christmas just around the corner it is certainly time to get working on it. There are so many different things we can create with our scrapbooking supplies as gifts, from altered items to framed pages, gift albums and mini scrapbooks. This year I think I might have gotten off easy. In past years, I have created albums for Christmas gifts, so now all that is left to do is create a page or two to add to their already created album. I did a year … Continue reading

Types of Teacher’s Albums

Teacher albums are the perfect gift, whether it is for Christmas, her birthday or the end of the year. Now is a great time to get started no matter when it is for. Teacher’s have busy schedules, and although you want it to be a surprise, you are going to have to encourage the teacher to participate somewhat, by sharing what she has with you. When you are putting together a teacher album, there are so many ways you can go about doing it. However, there are two very common ways I’ve seen it done. Class Album An album is … Continue reading