A Notch On My Championship Parenting Belt

I am having a flashback to a conversation I had on my daughter’s last day of middle school. I was talking to her 2nd grade teacher and we were laughing about moments he had experienced with her. He was her very first teacher because I had homeschooled her through 1st grade. She was extremely shy and quiet, hardly ever talked. She has been that way through most of her time at that school. We were both reflecting on how fast time had flown by with her now entering high school. Then he remarked how his daughter (who is now grown) … Continue reading

Seasonal Affective Disorder

When I first got divorced I was sad. Not really depressed but probably more than just run of the mill sad. In the winter it was particularly bad, I went to work when it was dark and came home when it was dark. There were entire days I never saw the sun. When I wasn’t at work, I just wanted to sleep. I would come home from work, throw something together for dinner and then nap on the couch until Hailey woke me up for bed. After a few weeks I realized there was a problem, my house was a … Continue reading

Dangerous Websites for Teens

I saw a report a couple of weeks ago regarding dangerous websites that teens are visiting. One of them is called “Formspring,” which is actually a social media outlet that allows members to ask and respond to anonymous questions. The problem with this website is that it also promotes cyber-bullying. Vicious notes can be sent anonymously. This opens the door to all kinds of bullying like obscene language, derogatory comments and other unkind ways of interacting. I wanted to personally look more into this website but it required signing up and I wasn’t quite ready for that. However it is … Continue reading

“Suite” Star to Helm New Series

Say what you might about the Disney Channel, but it’s excellent at renewing its popular properties. As its stars grow up and want to move on to other material, it often manages to spin new shows out of the ones coming to an end. It also usually gets a movie or two, sometimes even for the big screen, out of its shows. Many times the Disney Channel creates spin-offs of its already existing shows. Even if it doesn’t manage that, it will take a popular secondary character and base a new program around that actor or actress. Popular program “The … Continue reading

Researchers Find Link Between Genetic Makeup and Depression

Depression is something that appears to run in families. If you are someone who has a tendency to suffer from some form of depression, you might be able to think of at least one other relative who also has experienced depressive episodes as well. It’s possible to be depressed, and have no idea why you feel so sad. A new study finds that your susceptibility to depression is in your genes. Whether you are feeling sad due to a seasonal depression, or as a response to a stressful event, one thing is true. Depression is something to take seriously. There … Continue reading

Disney Dreamers Academy

Sometimes I wonder if I need to study other companies to the extent that I have Walt Disney Corp. I keep reading stories about it that make it seem like such a unique company for its levels of involvement in its community, but maybe many conglomerates are like that and I just don’t know about it. It wouldn’t surprise me if Disney was special, however, given its high consumer trust rating. Today I’m detailing another one of Disney’s philanthropic ventures, the Disney Dreamers Academy. The Disney Dreamers Academy, or for brevity’s sake the DDA, is a collaboration between Walt Disney … Continue reading

Know Your Expectations as a Parent

I found myself having a discussion with my 16-year-old son this past weekend that I didn’t expect to be having. Apparently he is thinking ahead and wants to know what to anticipate when he turns 18. His main question was concerning what happens when he turns 18 years old. He wanted to know if he would have to ask permission before doing things, such as hanging out with friends. I hadn’t given it any thought; this was not a parenting issue anywhere near my radar screen so he really caught me off guard. I gave him the best answer I … Continue reading

Staying One Step Ahead of Your Teens

If there is one bit of advice I would give to every parent of a teenager, it is to stay one step ahead of your teen. That means you have to be knowledgeable of what teens are facing and going through. Keeping up on teen fads, fashions and trends will help. All you have to do is Google something like “dangerous teen trends” and you will find a wealth of information at your fingertips. I also suggest watching Dr. Phil who often has shows on the latest teen trends. It is very eye-opening. I recently read a Consumer Reports list … Continue reading

Journal Your Way through Your Teen’s Years

Next week my children return to school. It is hard to believe that my youngest is entering his first year of middle school, my middle child is entering her last year of middle school and my oldest child has just two years of school left. I am grateful that so far my children have faired well. We haven’t experienced many problems along the way. As each year passes without major incidences I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief. Yet at the same time, as each new school year approaches I can’t help but worry some. Middle school … Continue reading

Renowned Child Psychiatrist Talks About Teens (and Parents) Texting

I recently received an invitation to interview renowned child psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy who is the Medical Director for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. Dr. Sophy has also made feature appearances on television’s “Celebrity Rehab.” After submitting my questions about teens and texting I received a video response. It enlightened me to a few things about teens and texting that I had not really thought about before. The first thing that really hit me was how statistics show that half of parents are texting while driving. My first thought was, “How could parents do that?” … Continue reading