Dr. Seuss Series: On Beyond Zebra!

This classic children’s picture book by world renowned author/illustrator, Dr. Suess, was first published in 1955. One day at school, a young lad by the name of Conrad Cornelius o’Donald o’Dell felt pretty proud of himself. He knew the letter “A,” and every other letter of the alphabet all the way down to Z, and because he knew that, he was sure he had reached the pinnacle of knowledge and learning and that there was no more to be learned. However, his friend explains that there is a whole ‘nother alphabet just full of wonderful letters, and he illustrates, like … Continue reading

Help Your Learning Disabled Child With Letters and Words

When most children are initially introduced to the alphabet, they see each letter as a picture. The letter “T” might look like one stick balancing on top of the other. An “O” might look like a ring. Yet soon a child’s perception begins to change, and the concept of letters transfers from the right hemisphere of the brain to the left–the auditory-linguistic hemisphere. That’s when a “T” becomes an actual symbol that can be associated with a sound. Children with learning disabilities often have great difficulty with this transition in thinking. They are simply “stuck” in the spatial intelligence frame … Continue reading

ABC Scrapbooks – Five More ABC Lists

ABC albums are so much fun to create, but thinking up lists of ABC words can be difficult. I’ve compiled a few that I’ve had for many years. I add to them whenever I think of a new word or see something that should be on it. I hope you will do the same. If there are some needed words missing, just let me know! High School ABC’s by author unknown A – Annuals, athletics, Algebra B – books, band, ball games, C – college prep classes, computer lab, calculators, chemistry, calculus, choir, cheer leading D – Driver’s Ed, diploma, … Continue reading

Alphabet Blocks

I told my mother a few weeks ago that there was one toy that I loved when I was younger that my daughter didn’t have yet — alphabet blocks. You remember, those wooden blocks with the letters painted in upper case on one side and lower case on the other? So as any Nana would do, she went out and bought some for her. Alphabet blocks are a great learning tool for your child. Yes, they can help you teach your child the letters of the alphabet, but they can be so much more than that. For example, my daughter … Continue reading

Phonics Activities: Teaching Phonics at Home

Teaching Phonics Every homeschooling parent understands the importance of teaching your child how to read. Sometimes this task may seem overwhelming, frustrating, and may make you wonder if “homeschooling” is really all it is cracked up to be. Well, before you decide to take drastic measures, here are some tips that can help make teaching reading fun, easy, and take some of the stress off. Readiness First, it is important that you line up the skills you are teaching with your child’s readiness. Sometimes, the biggest source of frustration is from trying to teach something that your child isn’t ready … Continue reading