Ancestry Provides Free Resources to Educators

Ancestry, a leading genealogy company, is providing free resources to educators and parents. The purpose of providing these tools is to make this school year a little easier. For the first time, Ancestry will provide K-12 teachers across the US a free 6-month World Explorer subscription to access billions of historical records, providing support in lesson development and project creation for the school year ahead. The subscription includes: Unlimited access to most records on Ancestry, including more than 3 billion international birth, marriage, death, census, military, church and other records Access to all public family trees on Ancestry Access to … Continue reading

Glossary of Genealogy Abbreviations

I sometimes look back at my previous posts for inspiration for new posts, or sometimes to see which topics may need a bit more elaboration. Today I want to create an extension from my genealogy glossary post from a few weeks ago. However, rather than providing you, my readers, with more genealogy terms, I want to help you understand the many genealogy abbreviations that are often used. General Genealogy Abbreviations abt. – about (sometimes also abbreviated as a. or ab.) ad. – adopted (sometimes adCL for adopted child, adD for adopted daughter, or adS for adopted son are also used) … Continue reading

Genealogy Magazines

There are a number of magazines that are dedicated to helping genealogists further their research. Some magazines are specialized, pertaining to genealogy for a particular location, ethnicity, time period, etc. Other magazines are more general, and can be useful to the majority of genealogists. Listed here are five of the most popular genealogy magazines. Prices listed here are effective as of May 27, 2010, and are subject to change. Family Tree Magazine According to their website, Family Tree Magazine is “American’s #1 family history magazine”. This magazine is perfect for beginning genealogists wanting to learn how to get started. Topics … Continue reading

Writing a Family Tree Book

There are several reasons that you may want to write a family tree book. You may want to include the stories you’ve learned about your ancestors while researching your family tree. You may also know that it would be a nice item to pass down to future generations. You could write a family tree book by simply creating a document in a word processing program on your computer and doing it yourself. This is very simple to do. Using your preferred word processing program, create a new document. If you wish, you can add clipart or photographs within the document. … Continue reading

A Family Tree is More Than a List of Names

A family tree can be a photo of a tree with names printed inside. I believe we’ve all seen those. I once tore one out of a magazine to fill out and keep in my book. The book I am referring to, however, is what I also call my “family tree.” I purchased the book to record information about my ancestors. I call it my “family tree,” but it is actually so much more. It contains names, dates and facts about family members, who lived before me. It also gives details about who my family members were, what they believed … Continue reading

Ethnic Culture Class, Part 1

All of my five adopted sons were classified as African American by the state when we took them into our home as foster children. One has no black ancestry. The other four do. They are beautiful children. My wife and I are white. The community where we live is predominantly white. The training that the boys receive in regard to their ethnic culture will come from Nancy and me. The children know that they are adopted and realize that our family is biracial. They know that they started out in the “tummy” of a lady that was unable to take … Continue reading