Dating Your Old Photographs

Several years ago I inherited a huge box of vintage photographs of my family and ancestors. Of course, nothing had dates on it, and I didn’t even know who most of the people were. And my family wasn’t much more help. My mother would look at a photograph and try to guess who it was. What we figured out over a period of time, is how much some ancestors looked like others. It became difficult to tell one from another. I began researching old photographs to get a feel for the time period that some of theses photos might have … Continue reading

More Faux Your Money

Did you know that many different faux painting techniques require less paint to cover an area than regular painting generally does? In other words, faux finishes can also help save decorating dollars while adding charm and interest to your home decor. As noted in previous articles, it is a good idea to practice a faux finish before trying it on walls or furniture. A piece of scrap wood is perfect. Just paint it the same color as the background color of the walls you want to treat and let it dry before practicing the faux finish. Color Washing When your … Continue reading

Cool Cowboy Theme Room

If your little guy (or girl) thinks cowboys and horses are the greatest, they’ll love this theme room. Start by painting the room a light tan color. An antique paint treatment would work great in this room. A denim comforter would be perfect in this space, and there are several varieties available, or you can make your own. You can purchase lightweight denim in fabric and craft stores or the fabric section of many department stores. Another cool look is a patchwork quilt or a quilt made from well-worn jeans. You can purchase several pairs for just a few dollars … Continue reading

Make Your Own Accent Tables

If you have trouble finding an accent table you like, if you can’t afford one, or if you simply enjoy making your own furnishings and accessories, try these ideas for constructing your own accent tables. Spindle Table Look for spindles from old stairway railings at salvage centers and antique stores, or purchase new ones from a home center. Pick up pre-cut wood rounds or squares while at the home improvement center or cut your own from furniture grade plywood. Drill pilot holes for all screws in this project, and once screws are in place, cover with a bit of wood … Continue reading