Where Companies Stand on Parental Leave

Mark Zuckerberg took some time off work when his daughter was born. Every time a CEO from a well known company takes parental leave, it brings that topic back into the news cycle. There is a growing interest in allowing parents to spend time with their newborns. Where do different companies stand on that topic? Mark Zuckerberg, as you probably are aware, is the CEO of Facebook. He announced on his Facebook page that he would be taking 2 months of paternity leave when his daughter arrives. Part of his post included the following: Studies show that when working parents … Continue reading

Your Smartphone, the Genealogy Tool

Whether you just got a new smartphone as a gift this holiday season, or you have owned your smartphone for a while and you have yet to explore all of its potential uses, here is something to think about. Your smartphone can be used as a genealogist’s tool. From capturing pictures and taking video and voice recordings to taking notes, your smartphone can be as useful to you, the genealogist, as a Swiss Army knife is to a camper. How do you use your smartphone for genealogy? You can use some of the apps that may have come pre – installed on your … Continue reading

Affordable Autumn-Inspired Quick Bread Recipes

  Now is the time to take advantage of the low prices for pumpkins & apples and stock up on these healthy ingredients. You can use them in my favorite quick bread recipes. (My family loves to eat quick bread at breakfast and for afternoon snacks.) To save even more time and money consider doubling the recipes and freezing the extras. Then, when it’s time to feed overnight guests during the holidays all you need to do is remove the quick breads from the freezer, allow them to thaw, and you’re good to go. PUMPKIN APPLESAUCE QUICK BREAD Ingredients: 3-1/2 … Continue reading

Autumn Recipes from A to Z

Tis the season to retreat to the kitchen to prepare warm comfort foods. Think hearty stews, soups, pumpkins, squash, turkey and other fall favorites. In an effort to encourage you to make the most of this season’s spectacular harvest I’ve compiled a collection of autumn recipes from A to Z featuring some of fall’s most popular ingredients. Whether you are cooking for two or two-dozen, the following quick and easy recipes will help make the most of fall’s bounty from apples to zucchini. Autumn Recipes: A is for Apple— DOUBLE APPLE DESSERT SALAD and WILD RICE AND APPLE SALAD. Autumn … Continue reading

Easy and Affordable Apple Recipes

Have you noticed that the price of apples has been falling almost as steadily as the price of gasoline? Now is the time to stock up on apples, especially if you are pinching pennies in these tough economic times. Once you’ve loaded up your refrigerator (and pantry) with the nutritious fruit, then consider using them in the following easy to prepare recipes. The first, for an Easy Apple Dip, is simple enough for your kids to make. It’s also a great way to get your children to eat fruit without complaining about doing so. The second recipe for Apple Bread … Continue reading

Amazing Apple Recipes: Spicy Apple Tart

My apples are finally gone. Forty-two pounds of fresh apples that we picked at a local orchard a few weeks back have made their way into at least a dozen dishes and my young daughter has been remarkably regular as a result of all the roughage. The following seasonal recipe is one of my favorites: This Spicy Apple Tart (spicy because it features fresh rosemary) is one you’ll make year after year. The reason I enjoy baking this tart is because its charm lies in its imperfections. It features a simple rustic free-form crust with the fruit piled high in … Continue reading

Autumn Recipes: Apple and Cranberry Meatloaf

Meatloaf is my friend. If you parent a picky eater then you can surely relate. Meatloaf can disguise a multitude of ingredients that less than adventurous eaters wouldn’t typically touch with a 10-foot pole. Personally, I look at meatloaf like a sponge. It happily absorbs just about any ingredient and dulls its flavors enough so that you know you are eating something other than meat, but you can’t always identify exactly what that “other” item might be. Which makes it the ideal vehicle to sneak in fruits and vegetables your kids might not normally eat without bribes of chocolate chip … Continue reading

Amazing Apple Crisp Recipes

I can’t think of a better way to spend a crisp fall day with family and friends than apple picking. A few days ago one of my best friends and her mom (who had just flown in from Hawaii) joined my family for a day of picking at our local apple orchard. My preschooler had a blast (as usual) running from tree to tree sampling the sweet and juicy goodness of McIntosh and Red Delicious to Rome Beauties and Galas. Once we got home I got busy working on a number of our favorite apple recipes—-namely apple crisps. Over the … Continue reading

Autumn Recipes: D is for Donuts

Not just any donuts. Keeping with our autumn theme I’m sharing recipes for delightfully delicious pumpkin and apple donuts. While I prefer eating donuts that are bathed in oil and showered in glaze (a la my personal kryptonite Original Glazed Krispie Kreme donuts) I find it much easier to bake donuts. The following recipes are very straightforward. The only tip I have for the pumpkin donuts, which are fried, is to keep the oil at a steady 375 degrees for the entire cooking process. By doing so you are guaranteed properly cooked sweet treats that will melt in your mouth … Continue reading

Autumn Recipes: A is for Apple

There is a frost advisory posted for my neck of the woods tonight. Like it or not (NOT!) fall is on its way. Actually, I love autumn; it’s the season that follows so quickly on its heels that I dread the most. Still, I plan to embrace the fleeting season as much as possible by sharing some of my favorite autumnal recipes. And what better way to kick start this series than to begin with the letter A and the ultimate fall fruit—-apples. The versatile ingredient can be added to every meal and practically every course as illustrated in the … Continue reading