Preserving Memories

Along with the names, dates and facts on paper that come with creating our family tree and researching our ancestors are the memories that were made along the way. It is important to preserve memories as well. As a gift for each member of my family, my grandmother did something very special to preserve the memory of my grandfather, who passed away several years ago. She took his clothes and used the pieces to quilt blocks of Overall Bill. Instead of quilting the blocks together in a quilt, she put each Overall Bill on a canvas. She then had my … Continue reading

Negative Storage

Negatives are important to scrapbookers. These are the beginning of every scrapbooking page. They are the gold in our layouts. Without negatives you cannot reprint photographs, or even print any at all. So storing a negative is an important process. I have found myself inundated with hundreds upon hundreds of those tiny little strips, and figuring how to organize them and store them was simply a nightmare. But I did figure it out, and I now have a method. Of course, I also don’t accumulate as many negatives as I used to, with the new digital technology. If you aren’t … Continue reading

The Do’s and Do Not’s of Scrapbooking

With scrapbooking, there’s usually no right or wrong way of doing things. Scrapbooking requires creativity and we are all individuals making our creativity different and unique to each of us. However, there are a few things you should definitely do, and a few things you should definitely not do, when scrapbooking. Here is a nice list. Things to do: Keep the focus on your photographs. When creating layouts keep the photos the primary focal point, that’s what’s important. Check out all adhesives used to attach your photos. It might say acid-free, but some of them do not keep the photos … Continue reading

Heritage Photos: Keeping Items Safe

If you have many heritage items that have been passed down to you from ancestors, it is important to remember that many of these items can be harmful to your photos. I would like to share some ideas about keeps those heritage photos safe while preserving the memorabilia that is so interesting and important. Do not store newspaper clippings or other paper items right next to your photos unless you have treated them with a deacidfing spray such as Archival Mist because it can cause damage to your photos. Archival Mist is very easy to use and with neutralize your … Continue reading