8 Quick Tips to Keep Your Scrap Area Organized

There are so many unique and creative ways to keep any area of your home organized. However, many scrapbookers, no matter how good their intentions are, have difficulty maintaining any form of organization. Perhaps its our right brained manner, or the fact that we are just creative mess makers, or perhaps it is just that many of us just don’t care to be completely organized. However, the productivity level of your scrapbooking will increase incredibly if you can get organized and remain that way. Here are 8 Tips to keep that scrap area more organized. Use Clear Storage – Using … Continue reading

Setting Up Your Scrap Area or Scrapbook Room

Setting up your scrapbooking area can be lots of fun. Especially when you have some of the latest and greatest storage options and a really pretty gallon of paint. Here are some ways you can get started setting up your scrap area. Paint Purchase a can of paint. Find a pleasing color that makes you relax and feel creative. Lighter colors lend themselves nicely, and make the room have a very relaxing feel. Paint the walls in the room you plan to scrapbook. Just adding a splash of color can really boost the appeal of the room. Storage Begin by … Continue reading