My Personal Scrap Space

Every scrapbooker dreams of having their own space to sit and create. Some are lucky enough to have a dedicated space, and some have to be content to use closets, share rooms or simply pull it out every time they wish to scrap. Once upon a time, in a land far away. Okay, well only about two and a half years ago and not really so far away, about two miles up the road. I lived in a house where I truly had my own dedicated scrap space. It was spare bedroom and I had it painted all pretty and … Continue reading

Setting the Mood in Your Scrap Area

Recently I read an article about the sensory elements that create a perfect room. Many times we focus on the colors and design of the room only. We forget many of the other sensory elements that go into the final design. Since I have been discussing scrap rooms and areas, I thought perhaps I would provide a little advice and some tips. Lighting The visual sensory element. There are so many different types of light you can look into for your scrap area. Obviously good lighting is important while creating your scrapbook pages and layouts, so proper color and coordination … Continue reading