What’s in Your Preschooler’s Art Cabinet?

Officially, we have an art cabinet. Unofficially, our art cabinet is a three-tier shelf that sits in the corner of our recreation room downstairs and has baskets on it. Each basket is stuffed with an unfortunate array of bits and pieces at the moment, haphazardly stuffed into the corners of the basket. Let me say that I am not always a paragon of organization and leave it at that. However, despite its not-so-lovely appearances, our preschool art cabinet is well-stocked. This is the time of year to take a look at your art supplies, plan for the summer, and re-evaluate … Continue reading

In the Majority

I was with my daughter’s Girl Scout group at a paint-your-own-pottery place which the girls had earned a trip to through their cookie sales. I sat at a table with my two daughters, my older daughter’s best friend, and that friend’s older sister, who was helping. On several occasions, one kid would ask for a certain paint bottle to be passed to her. There was one color, light peachy-beige, for which the girls didn’t know the name. When they gestured for it, the teen helping them said “You want skin color.” On another occasion she asked, “do you want the … Continue reading

True to Life Crayons From Crayola

Sometimes all it takes to inspire children is a new product or two. Last night at the craft store I spotted a new product from Crayola called “True to Life”. These markers, twistable crayons, and colored pencils each have tri-color tips so that you draw with three related colors at once. The colors were chosen from true colors in the natural world. The colors come in Amazon Rainforest (greens and yellow) , Caribbean Current (blues and purples), Florida Sunrise (oranges and yellows), Sahara Desert (tans and browns), Yosemite Campfire (reds and oranges), Maui Sunset (purples and oranges), Milky Way (blues … Continue reading

Stock up on School Supplies for Crafts

Now is the perfect time to stock up on certain arts and crafts supplies for your kids, by taking advantage of those great back to school sales. Wal-Mart has spiral notebooks for ten cents each. These work well for drawing, writing notes, practicing penmanship and spelling. I like to keep a couple in the car so my kids can write or doodle on long trips. Bring one in with you while you’re sitting in the dentist’s waiting room, or to keep kids busy in a restaurant while you wait to be served. At a dime apiece, you can keep plenty … Continue reading

Art Supplies Box

Art Supplies Box If your house is like mine, it is not uncommon to find crayons, markers and glue sticks in several locations around the house. I decided to try and do something about all of the art supplies all over the house and put some of my scrapbooking supplies to use at the same time. Here are the steps I followed to create a fun, simple storage solution for my daughter’s art supplies. 1. Find a box that you want to alter. I found mine in the scrapbook clearance section at Target. It had scrapbooking supplies in it that … Continue reading