The Way Out From Dangerous Paths

Yesterday we looked at the gravity with which God views astrology, sorcery, fortunetelling and such. Does that mean God can never bring a person out of such a background? No it does not! Like any other sin, God will forgive if the person truly repents and puts their trust in the Lord Jesus. The bible sites an example in Acts 16:16 where Paul, in the name of Jesus, rescued a slave girl from the practice of divination and fortunetelling, Acts 16:16-18 More recently it was the case in Australia, where God rescued Merryanne Sumner from new age practices that included … Continue reading

Dangerous Paths

Our world has a fascination with astrology, physic phenomena, fortunetelling and the occult. Just look at the TV shows which are, or have in the past, littered our screens. Shows like Charmed, The Supernatural, Ghost Whisperer, Medium etc. Pick up almost any magazine or newspaper and you will find astrology pages, often along with other pages about asking psychics for help, or fortune tellers or interpretation of dreams etc. This is without even mentioning the internet and mobile phone and text messages. According to today’s world you can find a mate by the stars, garden by the stars, choose the … Continue reading

Conjuring Up Cats (Especially Black Ones): An Interview with Author Bev Walton Porter

Turns out my next interview subject, Bev Walton Porter and I have a mutual friend in common: member Jade Walker. I don’t know how Ms. Porter knows Jade, but I met her here at That was a fun thing to discover! But it wasn’t the only fun thing I discovered after interviewing Ms. Porter. For instance, if she’s ever heard the superstition about black cats, she doesn’t heed it. This is one cat lover who looks forward to a black cat crossing her path. Courtney Mroch: What kind of things do you write about? (Genre, subject matter, themes, … Continue reading

You and Your Pet: Zodiac Compatible?

Okay, so first I was on a quest to find pet astrology sites. I wanted to see if I could learn more about my pets and their personalities based on their signs. That led to wondering if such a beast as year-ahead horoscopes for pets existed. Kinda, sorta, somewhat. But spending all that time looking at various astrology sites introduced me to another concept I’d never considered: determining compatibility with my pet based on our signs. I’m well aware that many people consult the stars about affairs of the heart. Is this sign romantically compatible with that one, etc, but … Continue reading

Love & the Stars: Is There Something to It?

As I admitted when I wrote about pet horoscopes, I’m kind of interested in astrology. I think there are some things it can help explain. A few years back I got a huge book called The Power of Birthdays, Stars, & Numbers: The Complete Personology Reference Guide. (When I say “huge” I mean as in size, not that it was a best-seller. I don’t know if it was or not.) Anyway, it lists all 366 birthdays of the year. Using part astrology, part numerology, and even some psychology it profiles each personality. The result is an overview of who you … Continue reading

What’s in the Stars for Your Pets in ‘08?

That’s what I wanted to know after writing about pet horoscopes. It was fun to see which stars my pets’ dispositions might fall under since I don’t know any of their exact birthdates, but what about a year ahead forecast? Was there such a beast? The Elusive Year Ahead Forecast I’ve found plenty for humans. Those are easy. But I haven’t come across any year ahead outlooks for pets. I thought I did when I found Petroscopes, but upon closer inspection their weekly and yearly horoscopes haven’t been updated since 2005. (But their general description of each Zodiac sign is … Continue reading

Pet Horoscopes: What’s Your Pet’s Sign?

I find astrology really interesting. I know some people would argue it’s evil because it goes against the teachings of their religions. I have no idea whether it’s bad or not. I just know astrology predates many of those religions and that even presidents as recent as Ronald Reagan have consulted astrologers to guide them in their daily affairs. I also don’t know if there really is something to the way the stars and planets are lined up that affect us, but I have noticed a couple of things. One, when it’s a full moon people do tend to act … Continue reading

The Dog Days of Summer: Why Dogs Take the Heat for the Heat

At the start of every month I consult lists scattered across the web to compile what I call my daily/weekly/monthly celebrations list. (Now you know why I’ve been writing about things like American Eagle Day, Adopt-a-Shelter Cat Month, and National Dog Bite Prevention Week.) Well, today starts what’s known as the Dog Days of Summer. Ever heard that expression? Ever wonder how it came to be called that? Me too. So I did a little more web-surfing to come up with the following: • The Dog Days of Summer refer to the warmest days of the season –and the “season” … Continue reading

My horoscope and deferring spending

Every morning I grab my coffee and sit at the computer, slowly waking up. I read my blog roll, – the adoption blogs and money blogs and frugal living blogs – and think about what I’ll be writing about today. Today inspiration came in the form of my horoscope! There it was, my horoscope on my home page, glaring back at me in huge Times Roman Print. (I have the print setting on large) In a very authoritative voice the astrologer informed me that although I am on the right track financially, I will have a setback money wise today. … Continue reading

All About Me: What’s Your Sign?

It’s the old familiar pick up line – “Hey, What’s Your Sign?”. Horoscopes are fascinating, even if you don’t believe in them. They are fun to read and can provide entertainment for a few laughs. Astrology is interesting in it’s own right, if you take the time to read about it. Even if you don’t believe. However, some people take horoscopes seriously, and some are truly content with just occasionally looking at them just to see, just to check and find out if they are true. No matter which type of person you are, and how you feel about horoscopes … Continue reading