Having Health Insurance Makes You More Attractive

What do you find attractive in a potential date? Your answer might include the color of a person’s eyes, and the shape of his or her body. Or, you might be looking for someone with a winning personality. Would you be more attracted to someone specifically because that person had health insurance? A survey finds that plenty of young people would answer that question affirmatively. The specific things that cause one person to become attracted to another can vary and tend to be at least somewhat influenced by the current economic factors. Not all young people start off by only … Continue reading

A Look at Pheromones

You may have heard of pheromones when people talk about attracting a mate. But that isn’t the only thing pheromones do. What are pheromones? They are chemical signals given off by the body. Pheromones can exert a subtle influence on the people around you! Pheromones are perhaps best known for attracting mates. It isn’t hard to find perfumes and colognes that claim to help you attract the opposite sex with the power of pheromones! Research has shown that pheromones may help prevent inbreeding — we have an involuntary preference for mates who do not smell like family members. Studies have … Continue reading

Do You Know Which Celebrities Your Spouse Finds Attractive?

I’m wondering because for Wayne it’s Britney Spears. Hands down. Has been for a while now. He used to admit it openly. Before it became overwhelmingly obvious what a train wreck she really was. He laughed off her first marriage. But let me tell you how fast he raised his hand when we went to her concert a few years back. She was talking to the audience between songs and asked something about needing someone to keep her company, any volunteers? He forgave her marrying Kevin Federline, but rejoiced at the news of their divorce. But then it became apparent … Continue reading

Who’s That? – An Admission about My Roving Eye

It was a comment left by Families.com family member JadeWalker on For Men Who Do Not Wear Their Wedding Band… that gave me the guts to make my next admission: sometimes I find myself checking out good looking guys. A certain type of good looking guy in particular. But before you either defend this as my natural right or land blast me about not being a devoted enough wife, let me explain a little further. The Kind of Guy Who Catches My Eye I tend to go for the tall, athletic types with dark hair. Not too bulky, but not … Continue reading

Are Crushes Natural?

I’m no expert, but I would have to say yes. Crushes happen. And not just to school girls and boys. Saying “I do” and donning a ring on your left hand isn’t an inoculation against infatuation with people other than your spouse. Dirty Little Secrets But no one really talks about it. I’ve seen girlfriends of mine get a little giddy when someone other than their spouse walks into a room. They act a little different, smile a little more, flirt even. It can be anyone from a co-worker to a family friend. I’ve teased a few of them about … Continue reading

The Marriage Blog Week in Review for September 17-23

After a bit of a hiatus, the Marriage Blog Week in Review is back! Karri and I will be taking turns posting it. As you might have surmised, this is my week to do it. So without further ado, here’s what we covered on: Monday, September 17 Karri pondered the connection (or lack thereof as the case may be) between husbands and household chores. I detailed how Wayne and I celebrated our 12th anniversary and how happy Wii be. Tuesday, September 18 I shared my single fantasy, the reality of which I’m sort of living and there isn’t much fantastic … Continue reading

How To Flirt

If there were one class everyone could take as a high school elective, flirting 101 might be it. Some people are natural flirts and others wouldn’t know flirting if it walked up and hit them in the head. The problem with flirting is it’s the natural form of communication between men and women. Flirting is almost a language of its own and it conveys many different things between people from amusement to interest to just playfulness. Your best and foremost weapon of flirtation is your smile. A smile invites another and once they’ve smiled back at you, then you’ve opened … Continue reading

What You Think Upon Grows Day: What Does My Dog Think? (Because I Want to Think Like Him!)

Perhaps the principal of attracting (or growing) what you think about has been around for eons, but the person who introduced it to me and put it in terms that made sense was Dr. Wayne Dyer. Earlier this year I read his books 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace and Being in Balance: 9 Principles for Creating Habits to Match Your Desires. The concept of attracting into your life what you dwell on ran through them both –and smacked me in the face. I haven’t quite been the same since. Because while it’s a principal that makes sense, it’s … Continue reading

Tips to Lure Your Mate

I can hardly believe that I am writing this particular blog, but the information is the kind that you either read in a teen magazine designed to teach girls how to set their caps for boys or on a single’s site where you might look for key tips on catching a mate. With that in mind, I wanted to take a more romantic look at the basic biology and chemistry that exists between two people. The Body Language of Seduction According to anthropologist David Givens in his new book Love Signals, we must lure our mates because they are a … Continue reading

No Longer Attracted to Your Spouse?

Sex is no doubt a very important part of marriage; but it is just that—a part. As some people come to a dry spell in their relationship not finding their spouse as appealing sexually as they once had, the temptations of extramarital affairs might come to mind, divorce, resentment and blame, or even depression. It’s important to reel yourself back to the heart of marriage which hopefully wasn’t based solely on sexual attraction but on genuine love and devotion. My hope too is that you are married to your very best friend and meant every single word of your marriage … Continue reading