Pop Culture Potpourri: Whitney, WKRP, and Star Wars

Either Whitney Houston actually believes people care about her personal life or she really detests her ex-husband Bobby Brown. Personally, I think it’s a combination of both. Regardless, the award-winning songstress felt compelled to let the world know (via a public statement) that rumors that she is reuniting with Brown are “a complete fabrication.” Houston released the statement yesterday denying reports made in Wednesday’s Chicago Sun-Times that said she and Brown had been spotted in Georgia looking romantic. The singer says the newspaper article speculated that the exes were getting back together after divorcing in 2007 after 14 years of … Continue reading

Celebrity Auctions: Ponies and Panties

Last year my young daughter was totally into My Little Pony. She collected a ton of the 4-inch-tall plastic toys; watched the animated movies; and had grandma send her the My Little Pony Treasury so she could read about the ponies’ adventures and learn who was who in Ponyland. That lasted for about 6 months… then it was so long ponies, hello Strawberry Shortcake. Which means I’m off the hook for this next celebrity charity auction. As tempting as it may be, I won’t be bidding on the 18-inch versions of My Little Pony being hand decorated by some of … Continue reading

Hatter Potter Prequel for Sale

If you are interested in adding the unseen work to your Harry Potter collection you should plan to dig deep (really deep) to get in on the bidding action. According to organizers running the “What’s Your Story?” auction, the 800-word Harry Potter prequel written by the boy wizard’s creator J.K. Rowling appears on pieces of paper that are each only slightly larger than a postcard. Auction insiders say the famous author used both sides of the cards to hand-write what some are calling a prequel to her seven-book Harry Potter saga. Rowling’s work is one of 13 shrunken works to … Continue reading

How to Get a Piece of Bob Hope

How much would you pay for an autographed photo of Lucille Ball with some teeth blackened out or a money clip from Jack Benny? Would you shell out more if you knew the items once belonged to the legendary Bob Hope? The late comedian’s family sure hopes so. Bob Hope’s relatives are selling more than 800 of the funnyman’s prized possessions at a mid-October charity auction in Los Angeles. “Dad was a pack rat,” daughter Linda Hope recently told reporters. “He loved to collect things.” She isn’t kidding. The list of auction items left behind by the actor, who died … Continue reading

Selling Your Stuff on Ebay

One thing that many thrifty people do is to sell their used items on Ebay. Not only do these people generally recoup the cost of their items and thereby reduce their budget, but they also can make a profit. This is a nice way to get paid to have your kids wear nice clothes, for example. Some people make selling on Ebay a full time job, scouting out suppliers and then selling the goods. While I’ll leave the heavy business selling strategies to the Home Biz blog, I do have a few tips for those of us who can use … Continue reading

Celeb Updates: Star Sightings, Dinosaur Dung, and Bitter DWTS Star

STAR SIGHTINGS Pictures surfaced this week of a fit looking, divorce filing Star Jones riding a Zipline in Costa Rica. However, while the former “View” co-host was coasting through a sweltering hot tropical jungle back in this country the man who is rumored to be her new love was sweating it out on national TV. NBA player Dwyane Wade was put in front of a firing squad during TNT’s show “Inside the NBA.” Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith put the heat on the Miami Heat guard peppering him with questions regarding his rumored romance with Jones—-a woman nearly 20 years … Continue reading

Can’t Sell Your Home? Here Are Some Options

We all know that the real estate market is having a difficult time right now. Houses are still selling, but selling a home isn’t always guaranteed. If you need to move right away and your home just isn’t selling, here are some options you can try. Turn the home into a rental Renting your home can be a good option for a number of reasons. The first of course is to cover the mortgage and taxes on the home to reduce your expenses. Having the rental income will give you some peace of mind, knowing that you will be able … Continue reading

From Soggy to SOLD

It was the story that had cereal lovers examining each and every cornflake BEFORE putting it in their mouths. And one that made me nearly gag on my morning muffin. Now the drama is finally over and two sisters from Virginia are $1,350 richer for it. For those of you who haven’t had your breakfast subjected to this corny tale allow me to get you caught up: Twenty-three-year-old Melissa McIntire and her 15-year-old sister Emily were innocently filling their bowls with cornflakes earlier this month when they came across a flake they swore looked exactly like the state of Illinois. … Continue reading

Feedback Changes at EBay Worry Sellers

The user feedback system at EBay will be changing, and it has a lot of sellers worried. Will you be affected by the changes? In an earlier article, I wrote about some of the listing fee changes that EBay was instituting in an effort to get more sellers online and listing their goods. (If you missed that earlier article, you can click here to read it. EBay Slashes Fees!) Now on February 20th, there will be additional changes, this time having to do with leaving feedback. The feedback system, allowing buyers and sellers to rate each other, has been in … Continue reading

EBay Slashes Fees!

Even EBay is feeling the heat. With consumer spending down and many young new e-commerce companies successfully gaining ground, the auction giant is slashing its listing fees in order to boost listings and remain competitive. EBay announced today that listing fees will be cut up to 50 percent. The company hopes the reduced fees will encourage more people to use the service to sell their goods. Lately, EBay has been suffering from stagnant growth and fewer listed items. But hold on, before you comb through the attic for Great Aunt Talula’s doll collection or Grandpa’s commemorative baseball cap, know that … Continue reading