Organic Flowers for Fall

When we think of organic, it is usually related to food or maybe even in home goods. We like to buy organic produce, organic chicken and even organic sheets and clothing. But one area that we tend to forget about when it comes to organic is flowers. Fall is a wonderful time of year to decorate your home and outdoor living space with flowers. There is an almost endless bounty and variety of flowers for Autumn. Why not take advantage of what nature has to offer, but do so responsibly? Organic flowers are both harder and easier to find than … Continue reading

Turning Fall Leaves into Compost

  Compost really makes sense. If you have some fall leaves just laying around (ha, ha), why not put them to work? Don’t trash or burn those leaves when you can use them to enrich your garden. You may have been following my continued ramblings about the fall leaves. First I talked about my love/hate relationship, and then I went into some of the useful things for which leaves can be used. Now, let us look at one of the most useful things of all for leaves: compost! You can have a natural bit of compost if you have leaves … Continue reading

Fall Planting “How To” on You Tube

If you are getting ready for your fall planting, you might want to check out You Tube. There are some great videos on there that can give you some how to help that is easy to see and understand. From choosing what to plant to how to prune and start your own plants, You Tube is a great resource. Here are some of my favorite fall planting “how to” videos. Horticultural Tip/Fall Planting If you need some tips about planting shrubs, this is a really useful video. It talks about everything from drainage to avoiding backfill soil on top of … Continue reading

Halloween Costume Tips

When fall comes, it is time to start thinking about those costumes. Maybe you just want a costume for photos at the pumpkin patch, to attend a party or to introduce your little one to trick or treating. Babies, toddlers and preschoolers can look so cute all dressed up. Here is some advice and ideas for easy Halloween costumes for babies. If you are buying your costume, and your baby cooperates, try it on in the store over your baby’s clothing. Sizes in costumes can vary widely. The Disney Store costumes tend to run big, for example, and you may … Continue reading

Evidence of the Holy Spirit

The other day at our church ladies’ breakfast, one of the women had a locket around her neck. ‘Does it open? And does it have a photograph inside?’ I asked. She admitted it didn’t. I have a large silver locket my mother bought for me many years ago. Inside it for years were two photos of Mick and me when we were both about eighteen and ‘going steady.’ Then one day I decided the engraved silver was tarnished and needed a clean, so I left the locket closed, got the silver cleaner out and cleaned the outside. I never thought … Continue reading

Marriage Activity: Seasonal Scavenger Hunt – Fall

Today I finally get to use one of my favorite sayings: Happy Fall Y’All! (I just think that’s such a cute expression.) Okay, now that that’s out of my system, I can move on. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I think because of all the romantic potential that’s in the air. The weather cools down, lending to snuggling inside and taking long strolls outside. (Arm and arm, of course, to keep the chill away.) There’s all sorts of seasonal gastronomic delights to savor. (I love sharing my food with Wayne.) And, one of my all time faves, fall … Continue reading

A Guide to Fall Mums

Mums are here. There is no other flower that really makes me think of the fall season. The colors of rusty orange, golden yellows and even green really stand out in the warm light of autumn. There are so many different types of mums. Which ones are right for your decorating? Here is a guide. When looking for mums, it is always exciting to seek out unusual ones with special shapes and colors. But if you are working with your local home improvement store or small nursery, you might be limited in your choices. There are four types of mums … Continue reading

What To Do With Your Leaf Peeping Pictures

In my previous blog I offered tips on how to make the most of your fall leaf peeping adventures… with your camera. There’s nothing like capturing shots of Mother Nature going out in a blaze of glory. Fall’s natural fireworks show inspires many photographers to get outdoors and document the glorious colors. Once you’ve snapped your prize-winning shots–—then what? You could frame them, store them, or leave them in your digital camera. But why not employ some unique ways to preserve your autumn memories? Here are a few ideas I came up with: Picture Stamps. I know. Most people reserve … Continue reading

Capturing A Picture Perfect Autumn Landscape

If you are looking for way to improve your autumn photographs you’ve come to the right place. In my previous blog I touched on unique angles and the importance of finding the right background for your shots. In this blog we’ll discuss other key factors in capturing the perfect fall photo. Details. I’ve discussed the importance of photographing details in a previous blog. But, when you are trying to capture a picture perfect autumn landscape I think it bears repeating. When you are faced with a massive forest of oaks and maples covering an expansive swath of land you might … Continue reading

Autumn and “Nesting”

I usually hear “nesting” as a term that applies just to pregnant, expecting moms—“nesting” used to explain that urge many expectant women feel to clean, organize and decorate their homes. I think, however, that we families (moms, dads, and kids too) feel compelled to nest at different times—not just while waiting for the birth of a baby. If spring is considered the time of year when we clean things up and air things out to move our lives outside, then I think that autumn is the time of year we snuggle in, snuggle up and nest… I am not as … Continue reading