Update On The Baby Formula Shortage

Parents may be worried about the nationwide baby food shortage. It has been difficult to find baby formula on the shelves at grocery stores and pharmacies. It may feel dire, but steps have been taken to improve the situation. On May 12, 2022, 32 Senate Democrats, led by Senators Patty Murray (D-Washington), and Bob Casey (D-Pennsylvania) sent a letter to the Infant Nutrition Council of America. The Democrats wrote, “We are calling on you and your member companies to take immediate action and ensure that infant formula manufacturers are making every effort to mitigate this dangerous shortage and get children … Continue reading

Why There is a Nationwide Baby Formula Shortage

Parents who use infant formula to feed their babies are struggling to find it. That can be an absolutely terrifying situation for parents who have a baby that needs a specific kind of formula, due to health reasons. The shortage also affects parents of babies that cannot latch, moms who work at places that don’t give them a room to pump in, and families with two dads that feed their babies formula. Why is this happening? The problem started with a voluntary recall from Abbott Nutrition in March of 2022. There were reports that three brands of formula they produce … Continue reading

How Safe is Our Baby Formula?

With all of the news coming from China about tainted baby formula, you might be wondering about the safety of infant formula in the United States or Europe. How safe is it? Let’s have a discussion. First, in the way of a disclaimer, I am big believer in providing a baby exclusively with breast milk. I personally feel that it is the best way to feed a baby and also the safest way to feed a baby, and that most women could and should breast feed their infants without much exception. I also believe that parents should have a choice … Continue reading