Will You Have a Blessingway?

If you are pregnant, you are probably very well acquainted with the ins and outs of a baby shower. There may even be a baby shower planned for you. Baby showers are a wonderful way to connect with friends and family before your baby arrives. They are also a great way for your friends and family to help you to prepare yourself and your home for life with a new baby. Whether you are having a baby shower or not, you may want to talk to your friends and family about having another type of celebration, too. A blessingway is … Continue reading

Thank You Cards

I really must have Baby Shower on the brain this week, eh? There is so much to cover. Once you’ve finally gotten all your loot home, and it’s piled up along the walls of your nursery, another thought comes to mind: thank you cards. No, you may not sign onto Twitter and tweet, “Thank you everyone for all seventy-five of these wonderful gifts for my baby!” Even if it is only seventy characters, it’s not personal or appropriate. Instead, stick with the traditional hand written note. It is time consuming, but that is part of the value. There are some … Continue reading

Before or After?

It’s unofficially baby shower week here on the pregnancy blog. If you haven’t done so already, read about whether or not you should get a second baby shower and whether you have to play shower games, Monday and Tuesday’s topics, respectively. Earlier this week I was speaking with a friend about planning – you guessed it – a baby shower. Apparently someone suggested that our pregnant friend should have the shower after the baby was born, and others insisted she have it before. So which is better: before or after? I’m going to go on the record and say that … Continue reading

Do I Have To Play Games?

Recently I was at a baby shower and the women at my table got onto the topic of baby shower games. It became quite clear that while some guests enjoy the silly games at showers, some women absolutely despise them. Would you like to: *Guess which candy bar is melted in the diaper? *Mold a baby out of play-doh? *Draw a baby’s face on a paper plate (on your head)? *Unscramble fifty letters to make as many baby-related words as you can? *Guess the gestational period of various animals? *Taste unlabeled jars of baby food and guess what flavor they … Continue reading

A Second Baby Shower?

A baby shower may be one of the most exciting and fun milestones in your first pregnancy. Nothing makes you feel more prepared to welcome the baby kicking your ribs then piles of adorable clothes, toys, gear and diapers. It’s generally accepted that you only get to have a baby shower for your first baby. Subsequent pregnancies? Tough luck. But are there exceptions to this “rule?” A few scenarios where a second shower may be acceptable come to mind: 1. It’s been five years or more since you had a baby and you have already gotten rid of your baby … Continue reading

Ideas for a Fun Baby Shower

After nearly three years of marriage and practically a lifetime of dreaming, my friend is “finally” (her word) pregnant with her first child! She’s due the week of my birthday, so needless to say, we have much to celebrate. Plans are underway for her baby shower blowout. I’m working on the menu while a few other friends are finalizing decorations and games. If you are looking for some unique baby shower ideas, then you’ll want to stay tuned to see how things are shaping up for S.’s shower. I’ll be blogging about our party plans each week, beginning with the … Continue reading

Dipe and Wipe Baby Shower

Want a great theme baby shower for a frugal friend? Try this idea that is guaranteed to be appreciated by any soon to be parents. Today, we were out shopping at Baby’s R Us for a lock for the lazy susan in our kitchen. Our entrepreneurial 17-month old figured out a way to get it open, by using his brute toddler strength to break it! As we contemplated the choices in safety at the store, I couldn’t help but notice how many pregnant ladies there were in the store. Okay, so it is a baby store, but the point was … Continue reading

Throw A Freezer Shower!

Do you have an upcoming wedding shower or baby shower to plan? Why not turn it into a freezer shower? It is a great frugal way to have a lot of fun, save money and give your party person practical presents that will be very much appreciated. What is a freezer shower? Well, instead of the traditional way of offering gifts, each person invited to the shower brings home made meals that they have prepared and frozen. This way the new couple or new family will have weeks worth of delicious meals already prepared. I love this idea because it … Continue reading

Baby Shower Alternatives

My blog, What to do When Nobody Gives You a Shower generated a few comments. Some readers agreed with me that all babies should be celebrated with a shower or a party after the birth. A few considered the idea to be begging for gifts. The gifts weren’t the point. It was the idea of celebrating the new mother and baby. I think all babies should be celebrated. Whether it’s the first or the tenth, each baby is a special blessing. The mother and baby deserve a party. One reason a shower is often not given after the first baby … Continue reading

What to do When Nobody Gives You a Shower

Baby showers are a fun and traditional part of pregnancy. Most women have a shower for at least the first baby. Showers for second or subsequent pregnancies are becoming more common. Many women still don’t get a shower for second pregnancies. If you aren’t getting a shower, but really want one, you may be considering asking someone to host the shower. This is not considered proper shower etiquette. Hosting a shower for yourself is not proper etiquette either. Although showers for second babies are becoming more common, they aren’t customary. Your friends and family may still believe showers are for … Continue reading