Save Money When Cleaning Wood

I have a little trick for you that I think you are going to like. If you have wood in your house to clean, such as trim, doors, panelling and furniture, you can take advantage of this idea. I’m always at a loss when it comes to cleaning wood. I’ve tried so many different products. In fact, there is a whole collection of things sitting on one of my shelves down in the basement, next to my regular stockpile. I’m always so worried that some cleaners might be too harsh for the wood, and others I have tried just don’t … Continue reading

Are Paper Plates Luxury Items?

Do you consider paper plates, paper towels, and other paper products to be luxuries? While many frugal consumers avoid such purchases, I for one believe they can be a good value. When purchased on sale, paper plates cost less than a penny per plate. Doesn’t it cost more than that to wash one plate when you consider gas or electricity for the water heater, the water itself, and the dish washing liquid used? This is one area in which my opinion probably differs greatly with other frugal folk. I enjoy the convenience of paper plates, especially when all four kids … Continue reading

Cleaning Your Rubber Stamps

Keeping your rubber stamps clean is important. You want to make sure that the residue is gone and that your images come out crisp and clear each time you use the stamp. But what is the best product to clean your stamps with? That’s really a matter of choice. But here are a few options for you to try and see what you like best. Baby Wipes Many scrapbookers use baby wipes to clean their stamps. Baby wipes offer an affordable cleaner as well as being easy to find and easy to use. You can just dab the stamp on … Continue reading

Make Your Own Cleaning Wipes and Save

Cleaning wipes are all the rage, because they are so quick and convenient. Wipe up this, polish that. You no longer have to drag out cleaning products and rags; you simply whip out a wipe with the flick of your wrist, and everything is clean in no time. Genius! There are cleaning wipes for nearly any cleaning task you can imagine, such as glass and window wipes, surface cleaning wipes, bleach wipes, and furniture polish wipes. They are handy, but they can also be rather expensive, especially when you consider the fact that many contain only a small amount of … Continue reading