Fashion Forward: Bulletproof Backpacks

Pencils. Check. Pens. Check. Notebooks. Check. Bulletproof backpack… Not exactly the type of item you want to see on your child’s back-to-school shopping list, but a couple of entrepreneurs from Boston think it should be there. If you thought a backpack’s main purpose was to be a fashion accessory, think again. Joe Curran, of My Child’s PackIt, says backpacks should serve multiple purposes, including acting as a weapon in the war against school violence. Curran started the bag company shortly after the shootings at Columbine in 1999. He and his buddy Mike Pelonzi say the idea for the bulletproof backpack … Continue reading

ElisaLou Bags

As scrapbookers, I think we come to appreciate and enjoy looking at beautiful patterns and designs. The longer we scrapbook, the more important a beautiful design can become. I recently came across some bags that are available in a variety of gorgeous patterns and colors. I couldn’t help but think about how great these designs would be as patterned paper. I also though about how these bags would make a great tote for scrapbooking supplies. ElisaLou Designs could be the next place you will turn to find a beautiful bag to hold your scrapbooking goodies for your next crop. These … Continue reading

Disgruntled Flyer Makes National Headlines

For the past two weeks the media spotlight has been shining on the state of Wisconsin, but not because the Green Bay Packers are having a stellar season (they’re not) and not because a local farmer set a world’s record for his massive pumpkin (he didn’t). Rather, the state is making national headlines for some unfortunate events. First, it was the foiled plot by three teens to blow up a high school 30 minutes from my home. Then, it was yesterday’s tragic school shooting where an allegedly disgruntled student killed his principal. But, it doesn’t stop there, now a Wisconsin … Continue reading

Finding The Perfect Backpack—Part 1

Back-to-school time. A time for new shoes, new books, new haircuts, and for many students’… new backpacks. If you are the type of parent who allows your children free rein in the backpack aisle you may want to pay close attention to this blog. Before you empty your wallet paying for that adorable Dora the Explorer backpack or that radical new CARS backpack, ask yourself: “Am I getting what’s best for my child?” I recently participated in a television news report about “Backpack Safety.” The story gave me the opportunity to speak with a local chiropractor who offered some valuable … Continue reading

“Your” Favorite Travel Accessories

The Place: My living room. The Time: A Sunday night get-together with friends and family. The Result: This Blog. What started out as an innocent question: “What is your favorite travel accessory?” could actually turn into a weekly feature here. I got so many responses (from the ordinary to the “are-you-sure-that-qualifies-as-an-accessory”) that I have decided to group them by manufacturers. That way if you are interested in purchasing the products you won’t have to make multiple Internet searches. So brace yourself. Here are the first items in my series “Favorite Travel Accessories.” Magellan’s Travelon 14” Wheeled Carry-On with ViewThru Panels. … Continue reading

“Carry-On Envy”

I suffer from “carry-on envy.” That is to say, I envy travelers who need nothing more than a carry-on. They never lose a bag. They by-pass the crowded luggage carousel and they never have to shell out money for a porter. Of course, they are usually the ones flying without children, but there’s a lot to be said about having a good carry-on bag. You get what you pay for. It’s true, good value starts with quality. I have gone through my share of carry-ons, from the traditional wheeled carry-on to the modern tote and everything in between. Recently I … Continue reading