Travel Insanity—Airline Charges for One Checked Bag

Not an extra bag. Not an extra carry-on. I’m talking about one single checked bag. American Airlines just announced it plans to start charging $15 for passengers to check in a single suitcase. INSANITY! Oh, and did I mention it also plans to cut flights and lay off thousands of workers too? The nation’s largest carrier blames the moves on record-high fuel prices. INSANITY! They are serious folks. Beginning June 15th—as in three weeks from now—if you are flying American you will be charged $15 for the first suitcase you check in and $25 for the second piece of luggage … Continue reading

Fabulous Find Friday: Mimi DigiScrap Totes

Digital scrapbooking is definitely not my way of scrapping. I much prefer the old traditional paper and scissor route. Besides, I cannot even imagine what I would do with all the stash I have in my area! However, just because I don’t scrapbook digitally doesn’t mean that some items created for digital scrapbookers wouldn’t be useful to me too. Take for instance the new Therm O Web Mimi DigiScrap Tote. Being a writer, in addition to a journalist, I tote my laptop with me quite often. I have found many different types of laptop bags, but never once that I … Continue reading

Ship It

If your kids can’t seem to get enough of Nickelodeon then here’s some good news. Get your calendars and Sharpies out because this summer, SpongeBob SquarePants and his pals are teaming up with Royal Caribbean to host the inaugural Nickelodeon Family Cruise. The ship departs Miami on August 10th and sets sail for the Western Caribbean and seven days of “sun, surf and slime.” The 4,000-plus-passenger Freedom of the Seas is one of Royal Caribbean’s largest and newest vessels, according to the company’s website. And it would have to be massive given that it is home to a veritable amusement … Continue reading

Do You Over Pack?

I used to… until one trip when I ended up paying nearly the equivalent of my roundtrip ticket in luggage fees. Both my checked pieces weighed more than the allotted 50 pounds and I ended up paying in the triple digits to get them on the plane with me. It was a horrific experience (namely because the airline employee checking me in had me open one of my suitcases to see what we could stuff in my carry-ons so I wouldn’t have to pay the penalty fees—-she was great-—it was the blow to my wallet that was excruciatingly painful). Since … Continue reading

Airline Luggage Wars—-Can It Get Any Worse?

I’ve had my share of luggage horror stories (many of which I’ve shared on this site), but now I am bracing for what could prove to be a cataclysmic move by the airline industry in regards to checked bags. As if the price of airfare wasn’t enough to force you to vacation in your own backyard airlines are about to take another shot at your wallet via your luggage. Recently, United Airlines announced that it would be making a major (and alarming) change in its checked baggage policy. Instead of being able to check in two bags for free, as … Continue reading

Do You Need “Green Bags?”

Have you seen those new “green bags?” So far, I’ve seen them only on commercials and info-mercials. They are plastic bags that are meant for keeping produce fresh. The bags appear to be made of a lightweight plastic and are tinted green. In the commercial, the smiling lady offers examples of fruits and vegetables that have been in the bag and those that have not. The ones in the bag appear fresh and crisp, while the ones that aren’t in the bag are slimy, soft or moldy. Hmm, I thought. That could be something. Until I looked at the time … Continue reading

Last-Minute Gifts for Those Fighting the “Black Bag War”

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog entitled “Black Bag War.” It was an ode to the millions of airline passengers forced to huddle around luggage carousels and decipher which of the hundreds of rotating black suitcases rightfully belonged to them. In the 20 months or so since I wrote that piece luggage manufacturers have expanded their color palettes and now offer a wide variety of products in funky styles and colors. Now you can buy a wardrobe of luggage to fit your particular lifestyle and mix and match as needed. What’s more, if you are still searching … Continue reading

New Uses for Blanket Plastic Bags

Do you know those zippered or snapped plastic bags that come with blankets, comforters and sheet sets? They seem so useful and a shame to throw out, don’t they? They are made of sturdy plastic and they have that convenient zipper or snaps to close the bags and protect something, right? You keep the bags thinking that they might be useful to restore those blankets and sheets, but no matter how you fold them, the blankets, comforters or sheets just won’t fit again. Well, read on to find some ways you can give them new life, saving money in the … Continue reading

New Stylish Totes from Crop in Style

Crop in Style is a leader in the scrapbook organization department. I know it is certainly one of my favorites. They are known primarily for their terrific and roomy totes, however they also have plenty of other terrific storage options available for many of today’s scrapbooking supplies. But now Crop in Style has moved beyond the boring, solid colors and introduced something much more stylish and fun for today’s modern day scrapbooker. (and crafter) Crop in Style is happy to present their new Red, Black and Cream Collection. Encompassing their entire line with style and flair, and offering this look … Continue reading

Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas

She has been named to several Best-Dressed lists, but this time actress Cameron Diaz has committed a major fashion faux pas (at least in the eyes of Peruvians). The actress was recently photographed carrying an olive green messenger bag emblazoned with a red star and the words “Serve the People” printed in Chinese on the flap while she was touring landmarks in Peru. For those of you who aren’t well versed in Peruvian history the saying printed on the actress’s bag was perhaps Chinese Communist leader Mao’s most famous political slogan. And it was the Peruvians who suffered decades of … Continue reading