Goodwill Bargain Store: Get More Discounts

Have you heard of a Goodwill bargain store or Goodwill outlet store? If you have one in your area, you can save big. I visited the one near me yesterday, and here is my report. Goodwill bargain stores or Goodwill outlet stores (I’ve seen them called both) offer bottom of the line discounts on thrift merchandise. You might remember that I’ve talked about how at Goodwill stores, merchandise rotates through the floor at these stores, and clothing gets tagged with different colors that indicate how long it has been in the store. At the end of its stay, the store … Continue reading

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year for Thrift Store Bargains

Is the Christmas music still playing in your home or have you already moved on from the holidays? I’ve been encountering a little bit of both in the past two days. There is a desire both too hold on to Christmas as it has come too quickly, and a desire to prepare for the new year. One way that folks are moving on and preparing for the new year is by getting all of their last donations in before the calendar hits 1/1. This way, everything can be taken off of taxes for the year. This is true not only … Continue reading

Bargain Hunting at the Local Scrapbook Store

The cost of scrapbooking can get high and even out of control. With all the new gadgets and tools and papers and products, it is easy to let it get the best of you and allow your hobby to take control of not only your life but your budget too. And if you don’t have anywhere nearby that you can purchase cheap supplies and your only option is the local scrapbook store, this can put a bigger damper on your budget. Scrapbook stores can be expensive. So how do you bargain hunt at the local scrapbook store when all the … Continue reading

Day After Christmas Shopping

Will you be doing any post holiday shopping today? There is a good reason to get out there and grab some bargains. The biggest reason is that you will be able to stock up on seasonal items for next year. Today, expect to see Christmas items marked 50 percent off, perhaps even more. Sure, you could wait another week until sales go even higher to 75 percent or 90 percent off, but chances are that there won’t be much left to choose among. You can also pick up merchandise that can be used throughout the year. Grab those red Christmas … Continue reading