Fashion Bug Bargains

It is no surprise that most women love to shop. They love to mostly shop for pretty things. Looking ahead to a day that we know will not be so good we know that if we can get ourselves in the mood for a good day with some positive thinking we can usually turn things around. One way to accomplish this is to dress up in something that you love to wear. It may mean getting all decked out in your best clothes. It may also mean donning that favorite pair of blue jeans with the rips in them. I … Continue reading

When a Bargain Isn’t a Bargain

Yesterday, after a day of getting some great Target deals, we stopped by the Chinese buffet restaurant owned by some friends. My daughter opened a fortune cookie with an interesting message. It said, “A bargain isn’t a bargain when you don’t need the product.” Even the fortune cookies are going recession. Later that night, we were flipping through the television channels when the new show, “Hoarders” came on. We were just amazed watching families who have a hoarding disorder that causes them to overfill their homes with too much stuff. One family was in danger of losing their children to … Continue reading

How to Take Advantage of After Easter Bargains

As soon as Easter Sunday rolls around, you’ll find all sorts of Easter-related products that are on deep discounts. Snap up the following items when they hit 75 percent off and use them in some creative ways. You’ll save money and get points for resourcefulness. Easter Baskets Baskets can be used for all sorts of things around the home, from gathering clothespins to holding houseplants. Some of my favorite ways to use easter baskets include corralling baby board books, holding diapers, as gift baskets for birthdays and baby showers, for desk supplies and even as stair catch-alls (for items that … Continue reading

How to Win the Competition for Grocery Bargains 3

Shop where the bargains are! Sometimes finding all of those great deals for grocery products that are free or almost free can be difficult, especially when they come in limited quantities. If you missed the first two posts in this series, you can catch up here: How to Win the Competition for Grocery Bargains and How to Win the Competition for Grocery Bargains 2 Leave some stock If you do get a good deal, please don’t clear out the entire shelf if you don’t need it all. The items may expire and you’ll just be hoarding them away from a … Continue reading

How to Win the Competition for Grocery Bargains 2

Do you find yourself missing out on some of the best grocery deals because the shelves are empty once you get there? I’ve been discussing some strategies that can help you get the grocery bargains before they disappear. If you missed yesterday’s post, click here: How to Win the Competition for Grocery Bargains. Shop the small or out of the way store In my area, there are two giant supermarket stores. One is a smaller store, and the other is much larger, with a greater selection, a bigger bakery, a pharmacy, etc. Most people, including us usually shop the larger … Continue reading

What You Can Find at the Goodwill In January

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, January is a great time for bargain hunting at the Goodwill. We decided to check them out last night, and here is what we found. There were a lot of new books, so I was able to pick up four interesting ones that were on my list. There were several others available, as well as music CDs and a couple of video games. There were some new toys, although not as many as I would have expected there to be in January. I picked up a National Geographic science kit that was still sealed … Continue reading

Lots of Random Deals

Here’s a random assortment of new deals I have found. It’s free movie ticket times again. Here are some new deals to help you stock up on the free tickets. Don’t forget Ponds face cream and Hersheys chocolate have promotions on their packages. Buy 4 Axe Body Washes or Body Sprays at Walgreens and receive two free movie tickets. This works with travel sizes. So this means, you can get 2 movie tickets in the ballpark of $8 plus tax. The coupon codes print out at the register as a Catalina. American Express cardholders will receive a free Fandango movie … Continue reading

Finding the Best Garage Sales

Whether you call them garage sales, yard sales, tags sales or rummage sales, the fact of the matter is that the season for sales of great stuff is here. One downside of shopping at garage sales is that it can often be hit or miss. Sometimes you find amazing bargains, while other times you can spend a whole day of driving around with nothing to show for it. It makes sense to minimize your frustration by choosing to visit the best sales and ignore the worst. But how can you predict what sale will be big and what sale will … Continue reading

Shopping at Discount

Are you a bargain shopper? Do you scour the ads for special sales, going out of business liquidations, and seconds offers? Well, I do have a word of caution for you. Certainly, this sort of shopping approach can save you money, as long as you are a careful shopper. Unscrupulous retailers do try to sneak some things by you though, in order to help them make a quick buck. Finding a good deal truly takes time. Don’t expect to walk into a liquidation sale and find the best deal. Just because the sign says, 75 percent off, doesn’t mean it … Continue reading

After Hours Food Bargains

Did you know that you can save up to 100 percent on food just by being a little late? It is true. The old saying that the early bird catches the worm might not be true in all cases. Sometimes the late worm can get some great bargains. In the food business, especially with prepared foods, the shelf life as to when they can sell it is at the end of the day. Taking advantage of this fact can help feed your family for just pennies. There are so many opportunities to get a late night deal. Here are a … Continue reading