Five Unconventional Ways to Save on Everyday Expenses

You use coupons at the grocery store, combine errands to save gas, and watch your spending to save money, but is there anything else that you can do to save on your everyday expenses? Probably. Take a look at the following unconventional ways to save. You just may be able to save hundreds in just a few hours. 1. Cut your property tax. With the economic downturn home values have decreased by thousands of dollars. However, your property tax assessment probably doesn’t reflect this new value, which means that you could be paying taxes on a home value that isn’t … Continue reading

Bartering Resources

Bartering for goods and services, or swapping what you have for what you need is a great way to save money. If you happen to make something or can provide a service, then you have a ready made system that is just ripe for the barter system. First, identify what it is that you have to offer, and then offer it instead of money, the next time you need to purchase something. Where do you start? Well, often you can start with the people you already know: friends, people in your mom’s group or at church, local businesses, etc. Next, … Continue reading

Get It Free When You Barter

Bartering is a wonderful method that can really save you money and allow you to afford goods and services that might otherwise not be available to you. When you barter, you can help your family and help someone else at the same time. Here is some things you should know that will help get you started. First, look around at what you might need in a new light. Instead of figuring out how to save up for it or do it yourself, think about how you can barter or trade for it. Do you need job coaching advice, babysitting, your … Continue reading

Where to Get Free Food

If you are in a desperate situation with your food budget, there is hope. Here are some ideas that you can use to get free food. Barter your services for food. Rather than work for money, work for food. Someone who may be reluctant to hire you for money might be happy to feed you instead. Babysit, cut hair, mow a lawn, change someone’s oil, tutor a child, help with a resume, clean a house, mend some clothes, pick up someone from the airport, do laundry, etc., all in exchange for home cooked meals or groceries. I have a pantry … Continue reading

The Basics of Bartering

Bartering is a great way to conserve your resources and afford things you might not normally fit into your budget. You can get all sorts of things through bartering. In this blog, I’ll tell you what bartering is and give you some ideas on what can be bartered. My father is the king of bartering. He lives in a working class neighborhood in New York City and has grown up bartering. If there is anything we need, from a carburetor to curtains, from a parking space to a fancy dinner, chances are he can get it in a day or … Continue reading