Basic Repairs on an Electric Stove

Do you own an electric stove?  Repairs on any appliance can be costly, so if there is a way to fix-it-yourself, there is definitely money to be saved. There are two main problems that can happen with an electric stove.  The first is a bad socket and the second is a bad switch. The best way to test a burner is to put in one that you know for sure already works. When it fails to heat, it is either a socket or a switch.  An important note is that before you replace anything in an electric stove; make sure … Continue reading

Learning Basic Home Repairs through Television

When I was growing up, my parents lived at hardware stores.  I remember having to come along every Saturday to an Ace Hardware store, spending what felt like hours walking up and down the aisles. They were constantly fixing things or coming up with home projects to do.  And you know where they got most of their ideas from?  They faithfully watched “This Old House.” Of course, as a child I found the show completely boring.  Who would have ever thought that one day I would be browsing the aisles of Home Depot and watching similar shows such as “Holmes … Continue reading

You Can Make Basic Home Repairs

Maybe you are one of those people that think you could never repair a thing in your home.  You let it go or hire someone to take care of it. I’m grateful to have a husband who doesn’t believe in hiring professionals unless absolutely necessary.  If he doesn’t know how to fix something, he will go through every means possible to avoid paying someone. The reason I am thankful for this is that the biggest costs when it comes to repairs is the labor.  You can pay $20 for the actual item that needs fixing or replacing but another $100 … Continue reading

Saving Money with Home Repairs

So last month I covered the cleaning aspect of housekeeping.  I mentioned in the beginning of this year that housekeeping encompasses cleaning, home repairs, decorating and organizing. For the month of February, the focus will be on basic home repairs.  Knowing how to do some of these can help save money. This past week I got to experience a taste of this after discovering a leaky pipe in my kitchen.  Normally leaks come from underneath the sink.  But this one was coming through the cabinet next to my sink. It unfortunately required my husband, who is not a plumber, to … Continue reading